If Just One Person Returned

Amelia Taylor had joined the girl son as he traveled to the great seaport of Liverpool. Hudson was about to make the lengthy journey to a far-off mission field and she wanted to be along with him to the last moment, to hope for him a single last time, to see him depart for that great work Lord had called your pet to. He by no means forgot that day time. His mother arrived aboard the deliver with him, entered his cabin, and smoothed the little bunk. …

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Should Christians Celebrate Halloween party?

5 Reasons To Steer Clear For some reason, whether Christian believers should participate in Halloween has been quite the topic of debate. Some believe it’s just harmless fun and don’t wish to feel left out from the festivities. Others identify the spiritual ramifications behind the day plus warn against the dangers. Ultimately, as Christians, every decision…


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The La Carte (October 19)

May the Our god of love and peace be with you today. There are, as usual, a few Kindle deals for those who are interested. (Yesterday on the blog: Increasing the Borders and Enlarging the Territory) Augmenting a Gracious Environment in Your Church “ A message of elegance may attract people, but a culture of grace will keep all of them. What our church buildings need, not in return for a gospel information but as a see to it, is a gospeled climate. But how do you get …

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How “Ethical” Is Ethical Porn, Really?

Lots of people argue in favor of “ethical porn” that apparently guarantees performers’ permission, fair pay, plus enjoyment. But is definitely ethical porn actually exploitation-free? Let’s discuss.

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Their own Dream Home Tipped as They Pulled This Across the Water – Then Neighbors Came to the Rescue

If a place that truly floated your boat involved to be torn straight down, you could try to move heaven and earth to save it—or, you could simply move the house. Plus that’s just what one determined couple did—but they didn’t get an overland path, they went by ocean. Daniele Penney fell in love with […]

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DNA Sequencing of Viking Bones ‘Will Reword History’: They Weren’t All Scandinavian

Invaders, pirates, warriors—the history books trained us Vikings had been brutal predators who travelled by sea from Scandinavia to pillage and raid their way throughout Europe and over and above. Now cutting-edge GENETICS sequencing of more than four hundred Viking skeletons from archaeological sites spread across Europe and Greenland will reword the history books since it has shown: Skeletons […]

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