The La Carte (November 26)

At about 6 AM EST, I will be publishing a listing of Black Friday deals that may be of interest to Christian folk. So stay tuned for that in the event that you’ re among the early readers. Connecting the Dots I appreciate this representation on Reformed theology and how it links the dots. “ When you start to join the dots in the Scriptures, it’s like hooking up an electric circuit – the lights come on! You don’t obtain a better Jesus, however, you …

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5 Problems with Designated Cathedral Giving

The largest quantity of funds most church buildings receive are called “undesignated giving” or “general fund giving. ” These gifts are utilized toward the ministry and general working budget of the chapel. There are no restrictions to fund a very particular cause. The other classification is called “designated offering. ” The donor specifies exactly what she or he…

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Whenever You’re Wrestling to Find Real Rest

Jami Amerine was, like most people, exhausted. Wrung out, wheels spinning, trapped in a perpetual everyday living of feeling such as she never was good enough. She understood better. She was a soul-saved believer and Jesus Christ fans, yet His guarantee of rest still steer away from her grasp. All of that changed as the lady began to discover what […]#@@#@!!

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The particular Surprising Attendance Drop of Streaming Worship Services: Five Findings

Over nine out of 10 church leaders describe their church’s drop in attendance within streaming worship providers as “major. ” Many of them say the particular decline is at minimum 90 percent from the peak during the pandemic. While we definitely anticipated that many chapel members would return to in-person worship presence after the quarantine, we were…

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A Christian Case for Bitcoin and Blockchain

A recent article intrigued me with its assertion that it is better to comprehend Bitcoin as gambling than investment: “ An asset that never pays a dividend but has a price that keeps rising is a bubble. An investor can believe Bitcoin is a bubble and rationally invest so long as she expects to sell out before the bubble pops. But that isn’t investing; that’s gambling, and it’s a zero-sum game. ” Being largely unfamiliar with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, I needed to think …

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Amateurish Team Claim to end up being ‘On the Verge’ of Uncovering Prodigal Treasure Horde Really worth Over $20 Billion

The team of value hunters are “on the brink” of unearthing the Lemminkäinen Hoard—a hidden put of gold, jewels, and ancient artefacts thought to be worth up to £15 billion ($20. 4 billion). The hoard would symbolize the largest and most useful trove ever found out and is believed to include over 50, 500 gemstones including rubies, sapphires, […]

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Canadian Man Notices a classic Lotto Ticket in His Wallet and Wins $20 Million

It’ s the dream scenario that, for just one Manitoba man, actually happed: He discovered a forgotten lottery ticket in the back of his wallet—and it turned out to become worth $20 mil. Jerry Knott purchased a LOTTO MAX solution in Lac du Bonnet for an Aug 24 draw. He tucked it in among his bank cards, […]

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Refusing to Let God off the Hook

Eugene Peterson was a lifelong pastor, scholar of biblical languages, and translator of The Message Bible. He was keenly aware of how easy it is to feel lost while reading the Bible. To help his congregation and readers find their place amidst the countless kings, prophets, and overlapping stories that he wrote short introductions for every […]#@@#@!!

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