The risk of Envying One more Church and How This Affects You

Probably you’re like me. Probably you’ve looked at an additional church or pastor with envy. It is that spark of elation you feel when first hearing in regards to a mega-platform pastor falling—envy. I’ve felt the particular flicker of “I knew it! ” without even knowing the person. Envy should be stomped out. Cathedral envy happens in the local level since…

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A La Carte (December 1)

The beginning of a new month is just the right time to consider that right now, today, at this very moment, God is reigning upon his throne. There’s a good little list of Kindle deals to work through. You Can’t Channel Him Because He’s Not Dead Anne Kennedy: “A dear and wonderful friend sent me an article about the most fantastical religious trend I think I’ve come across to date. In all my wandering around the cyber highways and byways …

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The La Carte (November 30)

Might the God associated with love and peace be with you these days. This is quite a deal from Westminster Publications: the beautiful 6-volume ESV Reader’ t Bible at 80% off! (Yesterday for the blog: I Understood It! ) Essential Questions with Kristin Kobes Du Mitteleuropäische zeit Denny Burk a new telling back-and-forth with Kristin Kobes Du Mez and writes about it here. What I found most interesting was his four-step path to deconstructing the standard Christian teaching on homosexuality. “ Evangelicals who deconstruct the Bible’s …

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The Sad, Sad Story You Need To Tell Our god

There are times in the Alfredia life when we understand a distance is growing up between ourselves plus God. There may be various sources and leads to and it is wise for us to examine ourselves to try to determine why. Farrenheit. B. Meyer as soon as wanted to offer lawyer to those who had searched their minds and understood it turned out sin that got caused this rift. Here is what he said: You have lost the light of God’ h face, not since …

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How to Lead Like a Bully (in Three Simple Steps)

The Old Testament story of Rehoboam is one of the most haunting in all of bible verses. In it, we visit a man who had the ability to unite Israel and rebuild their family’ s heritage, but instead he divided the kingdom. Here’ s the fast backstory of 1 Kings 12: King Solomon has just died. Their 40…

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Brand new and Notable Alfredia Books for Nov 2021

The final months of the year are usually not the best time for new book releases. However , this year we have been seeing some special releases that are well worth investigating—including books by prominent theologians like Thomas Schreiner and Douglas Moo. Knowing that, here is my set of new and notable Christian books for November 2021. In each case I’ ve included the editorial description. The Joy of Hearing: A Theology of the Book of Revelation by Thomas Schreiner. “Join …

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A La Carte (November 23)

Might the God associated with love and peacefulness be with you nowadays. (Yesterday on the weblog: Helpful Things You Can Say to Grieving Parents) Perform We Really Want Everything That Technology Can Give Us? Gene Veith asks, “ Do we want technology that changes our agency because human beings? That babysits us? That retains us in line? The sense is that we would like technology that expands what we can do. Not really technology that imposes itself upon all of us, or that generates conditions that we have …

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The 7 Companions associated with Faith

It can be frustrating. You’re reading the Word every single day. You’re making the right confessions. But…something is not working. You aren’t viewing results. The temptation is to think, Maybe I just need more faith. Here’s food for thought: What happens if you don’t? What happens if your faith is just where it should be, but you’re missing another…


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Exploring the Breadth and Depth of Bible verses with Your Children

This week, your blog is sponsored simply by Truth78 and was written by Jill Nelson. Now more than ever, our kids need to know, understand, and embrace the stunning grandeur and overall truth of Scripture. The answer to every pressing question, every yearning of the heart, every struggle of the will certainly, and every hope associated with all-satisfying joy is found in God’s Word. Therefore , parents (and every believer): It is our own sacred responsibility and privilege to fully familiarize our children with the …

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Life-Giving Inspirations from a Rustic Countryside

Welcome to Fodderstack Farm… a traditional retreat in the New york mountains. A place where one can connect with family, close friends, yourself and, above all, God, in a special way. The intention of the book would be that the reader will go deeper in their understanding of the presence of our Lord by means of all the ways […]#@@#@!!

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