ShareWord Global – A new name and mission for The Gideons in Canada

This week the blog is subsidized by ShareWord Global. What do most people consider when they hear ‘The Gideons’? If you would be to ask around, the answer would likely have something to do with Bible distribution, with the most common forms being Bibles in hotel nightstands or in the fingers of Grade five students. But the factor is, the Gideons have never just been about Bible distribution – in hotel nightstands, or otherwise. In case you trace back to the …

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fifteen Lessons I’ve Learned from 40 Years in Ministry

One of the members of the Church Answers’ neighborhood started a discussion that I absolutely loved. After some lengthy prefatory comments, he asked the community: When items are tough, when you feel like you have no more to give, what are some of the things that keep you moving forward? His post a new great…

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Useful Things You Can Say to Grieving Parents

It can be awkward to reach out to those who are deep within grief. It can be difficult to know what to say and simple to believe that our phrases are more likely to offend compared to comfort, to make a scenario worse rather than better. We sense which our words ought to be few, but also that the most severe thing to say is usually nothing at all. I recently consulted with a few various other parents who have skilled the loss of …

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Busting Out of the Loneliness and Discouragement Cycle within Ministry

Loneliness and discouragement are often linked in a vicious circle. One leads to another. They feed off each other. When exponentially boosted together, church market leaders often feel stuck and hopeless. Way too few admit it out loud, but it’s a common problem within ministry. The chapel is supposed to be a host to belonging and…

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Whenever You’re Wrestling to Find Real Rest

Jami Amerine was, like most people, exhausted. Wrung out, wheels spinning, trapped in a perpetual everyday living of feeling such as she never was good enough. She understood better. She was a soul-saved believer and Jesus Christ fans, yet His guarantee of rest still steer away from her grasp. All of that changed as the lady began to discover what […]#@@#@!!

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