The final (Melodramatic) Hymn

In the girl time, Marianne Farningham, who was actually called Mary Ann Hearn, was well-known on her devotional poetry, in addition to some of her hymns, (though I am not aware of any of those that have really stood quality of time). While many of her poetry were topical, a number of them were narrative in fashion, including “ The final Hymn. ” Though I admit that one perhaps tips right into a bit of Victorian melodrama, I still very enjoy it. Read—preferably aloud—and hear …

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The Four Walls of Protection

There exists a place where you are untouchable from any kind of strike. There is a place exactly where everything is going to be okay no matter what is going on in the world around you. God offers revealed to us, in the Word, the way to remain in that “untouchable place. ” We need these…


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Associated with Connection, Keep the Link

In our weekend break worship services, a first-time guest is a fragile guest. These are on high notify for anything that forces them out of their particular comfort zone, and continuously looking for anything that feels familiar and safe. That’ s why creating a connection with a first-time guest is crucial. In order to paraphrase Jerry Seinfeld, it’ s inadequate…

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The La Carte (October 12)

May the God of love and serenity be with you nowadays. (Yesterday on the weblog: Longing for What’s Second Best) Think Small This article explains exactly why we, as Christians, might to do better to think little in order to think big. The God of Your Stressed Heart “ Jesus knows your heart. He knows your doubts and fears. Tell him. He currently knows. And, within your moments of finest fear and question, you can trust that will his mercy arrives running to you. ” …

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