Methods to Develop a Christian Worldview of Faith

simply by Gloria Copeland Worldview. While not a new phrase, it’s a concept gaining popularity in the Body of Christ. It asks problem: How do you view your own world? What identifies you, your perceptions, your opinions as well as your belief system? A lot of Christians promote developing a Christian worldview—or the biblical worldview—but I would like to challenge you…


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Ruined by Fire, Drought, and Dust Thunder storms, These Australian Marshes Needed Only 2 yrs to Completely Recover

In 2019, drought choked off the Macquarie River in Australia, and fires swept with the marshes which it fed and left firefighters helpless in order to intervene. Unbelievably even though, just two years later on and the land appears as if nothing occurred. Plentiful rains suggest the river has returned to lazily long-winding through the internationally safeguarded Macquarie Marshes, […]

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The Four Walls of Protection

There exists a place where you are untouchable from any kind of strike. There is a place exactly where everything is going to be okay no matter what is going on in the world around you. God offers revealed to us, in the Word, the way to remain in that “untouchable place. ” We need these…


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5 Reasons Your Church’s Giving Is Improving Even Though Attendance Is leaner

“Our attendance is down 20 percent, yet our giving is up 10 percent! ” We hear similar comments like that one regularly. When the first pen began, there was a clear and valid worry that churches would not have the funds to continue their ministries and keep their staff. Then the shock came for some churches….

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