Countless Solar Farms Built Atop Closed Landfills Are Turning Brownfields into Green Fields

Among the big knocks against solar panels is just how much land they take upward compared to how much energy they generate. But what if there were the readymade source of open land nearby to cities and towns that was guaranteed to not be used for anything? As it turns out, landfills are becoming […]

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Ponds of Poo Useful for Clean Power in Australian Pork plus Beef Production

Ranchers in Australia are progressively allowing the “ back end” of their animals to take care of their own back end when it comes to electricity costs by converting this halloween and cow excrement into fuel intended for biogas power plant life. “ Piggeries” since they’ re called in Australia, don’ t have a reputation intended for clean or meant for green, but are usually […]

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A La Carte (November 24)

May the Lord bless and keep you these days. On sale at Westminster Books this week is really a new volumes of systematic theology by Douglas Kelly. There are a few of Kindle deals so significantly, with perhaps some more to come in the morning. What happened at the ETS? I actually appreciated Denny Burk’ s roundup associated with some of what taken place at the recent ETS meetings. The Danger of Nostalgia “ What is your favorite family memory space? What is your favorite memory space of church? Your preferred holiday …

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Brand new and Notable Alfredia Books for Nov 2021

The final months of the year are usually not the best time for new book releases. However , this year we have been seeing some special releases that are well worth investigating—including books by prominent theologians like Thomas Schreiner and Douglas Moo. Knowing that, here is my set of new and notable Christian books for November 2021. In each case I’ ve included the editorial description. The Joy of Hearing: A Theology of the Book of Revelation by Thomas Schreiner. “Join …

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The 7 Companions associated with Faith

It can be frustrating. You’re reading the Word every single day. You’re making the right confessions. But…something is not working. You aren’t viewing results. The temptation is to think, Maybe I just need more faith. Here’s food for thought: What happens if you don’t? What happens if your faith is just where it should be, but you’re missing another…


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Exploring the Breadth and Depth of Bible verses with Your Children

This week, your blog is sponsored simply by Truth78 and was written by Jill Nelson. Now more than ever, our kids need to know, understand, and embrace the stunning grandeur and overall truth of Scripture. The answer to every pressing question, every yearning of the heart, every struggle of the will certainly, and every hope associated with all-satisfying joy is found in God’s Word. Therefore , parents (and every believer): It is our own sacred responsibility and privilege to fully familiarize our children with the …

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The final (Melodramatic) Hymn

In the girl time, Marianne Farningham, who was actually called Mary Ann Hearn, was well-known on her devotional poetry, in addition to some of her hymns, (though I am not aware of any of those that have really stood quality of time). While many of her poetry were topical, a number of them were narrative in fashion, including “ The final Hymn. ” Though I admit that one perhaps tips right into a bit of Victorian melodrama, I still very enjoy it. Read—preferably aloud—and hear …

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Weekend A La Carte (November 20)

Good morning! May you taste and find out that the Lord is good this weekend. Westminster Books has a great deal on the excellent 2 different ways To Live. Today’ ersus Kindle deals consist of quite a number of academic publications and classics. (Yesterday on the blog: Fixed Loose in a Mud Pit) While Awaiting Flight 6072 Andrée Seu Peterson creates about redeeming time spent waiting for a flight. Refreshed Within Chains “ The particular Bible is faraway from barren prose on ancient parchment. …

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The First Songs of Xmas

Few authors can communicate the sweetness of God’s Phrase as deeply because Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth. Her love designed for Scripture is evident—and infectious. As the Arrival season draws close to, I want to experience this with fresh amazement, don’t you? Nancy’s new devotional, The very first Songs of Xmas is an invitation to open our Bibles and remember […]#@@#@!!

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