Finite Disappointment versus Unlimited Hope

There is real pressure in the world. There are reasons to be afraid. AND God’ s goodness has not changed. Two stuff can be true at once. There can be darkness plus light. Grief plus joy. Hard and good. The good news is the light always wins. Discovering the beautiful admonition found in Philippians four: 8 to […]#@@#@!!

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Individuals Enjoy Surprisingly Heavy Conversations With Other people, And New Research Finds Benefits

There are positive effects of talking with strangers, a new study finds. Individuals benefit from deep and meaningful conversations that will help us forge connections with one another, yet we often stick to little talk with strangers since we underestimate how much others are interested in our lives and wrongly believe that deeper conversations will be […]

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Hope for Hopeless Things: The very first Sunday & Candle of Advent

You’ve been expecting against hope, since deep down, you still believe, even when anything else around you tells you there is less hope thana snowball’s chance in hades. I held a wooden container that held our father’s ashes this season. How can a man who had been larger than life for you be reduced to powdery ash and […]#@@#@!!

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The particular Good Stuff: MultivitaMins For the Weekend [11.26.21]

Happy,   happy, happy weekend!   Let’ s not let the everyday routines numb us to the wonder of living every single day! Some real, straight down in the bones JOY to celebrate these days! Links & tales 100% guaranteed to cause you to smile a kilometer wide & think like crazy in a Great God redeeming everything. Never, ever give up… there actually is […]#@@#@!!

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Which Needs Turkey? Most Would Be OK With Thanksgiving holiday Meal That Was Just Side Dishes, Says Poll

While the turkey was likely the main attraction on the Thanksgiving dinner table, three in four Americans agree that a holiday dinner sans turkey, including only side dishes, would be just as satisfying. 2, 005 individuals were asked about their favorite Chicken Day sides, plus mashed potatoes were crowned the favorite by nearly half (46%)—just […]

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How to Lead Like a Bully (in Three Simple Steps)

The Old Testament story of Rehoboam is one of the most haunting in all of bible verses. In it, we visit a man who had the ability to unite Israel and rebuild their family’ s heritage, but instead he divided the kingdom. Here’ s the fast backstory of 1 Kings 12: King Solomon has just died. Their 40…

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The La Carte (November 26)

At about 6 AM EST, I will be publishing a listing of Black Friday deals that may be of interest to Christian folk. So stay tuned for that in the event that you’ re among the early readers. Connecting the Dots I appreciate this representation on Reformed theology and how it links the dots. “ When you start to join the dots in the Scriptures, it’s like hooking up an electric circuit – the lights come on! You don’t obtain a better Jesus, however, you …

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7 Ways To Have The Greatest Thanksgiving Ever

Want a guaranteed better Thanksgiving? Perhaps even the very best Thanksgiving ever? I actually believe Thanksgiving may be one of the most “ Christian” holidays we can commemorate. As followers associated with Christ,…

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Main Warning Signs Stress will be Starting to Impair Your own Leadership

Every pastor gets overwhelmed. The particular pressures of ministry are real and a lot of, and seasons of stress are certain to occur. I’m certain many of you have tales of severe thunder or wind storms in which the stress was overwhelming. However , when ongoing stress starts to define a pastor, it becomes a contagion that spreads to others. Unresolved stress…

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A La Carte (November 24)

May the Lord bless and keep you these days. On sale at Westminster Books this week is really a new volumes of systematic theology by Douglas Kelly. There are a few of Kindle deals so significantly, with perhaps some more to come in the morning. What happened at the ETS? I actually appreciated Denny Burk’ s roundup associated with some of what taken place at the recent ETS meetings. The Danger of Nostalgia “ What is your favorite family memory space? What is your favorite memory space of church? Your preferred holiday …

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