The December Family Revise (and Non-Travel Report)

I turned forty five yesterday. My birthday celebration was supposed to get there when I was somewhere high over the Ocean, perhaps just off the coast of Namibia, at the front end of the monster 16-hour homeward flight. I should have got long since dropped asleep, and not recognized exactly where I was when the clock struck midnight, nor even what time zone it may have been. I suppose it is possible that I would have turned 45 several times while flying quickly from …

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7 Changes Pastors Intend to Make in 2022

We have heard through pastors more about modifications they plan to make than any earlier years we can remember. And the changes are good, if not great. Probably the pandemic has been a wake-up call for pastors. These people realize more than ever these people can’t lead because they’ve led previously. Change is urgently needed…

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A La Carte (November 15)

Good morning, my friends. Grace and peace for you today. (Yesterday around the blog: A Pastoral Prayer for Unity Amid Pandemic) Unmaking the Patriarchy Neil Shenvi has posted an interesting review of a popular and influential book. “ Beth Allison Barr’s The Making of Biblical Womanhood belongs to a increasing genre of (post)evangelical social scholarship. Utilizing a combination of history, sociology, and political evaluation, books like [these books] try to show that conservative evangelicalism has been built on the foundation of …

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The Good Guys Calendar is a Celebration of As well as Their Good Deeds – Hang this on Your Wall within 2022

During the outbreak, Karen Banfield decided to focus on the goodness around her, particularly the men who were showing up with a generosity of spirit and open hearts. Her twelve favorites right now make up a 2022 calendar called Great Guys. “I centered on men because the information has been full of undesirable role models, plus […]

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The Pastoral Prayer to get Unity Amid Pandemic

Every now and again I like to share one of the pastoral prayers from Grace Fellowship Church. This particular one was prayed by Paul Matn on a recent Weekend. The context, as is obvious from the plea, is the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and, perhaps more specifically, the vaccine mandates which are taking root within our city and country. This context provides many opportunities intended for Christians to disagree with one another and, consequently , to become disunited. This particular, then, is a plea …

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The particular Surprising Attendance Drop of Streaming Worship Services: Five Findings

Over nine out of 10 church leaders describe their church’s drop in attendance within streaming worship providers as “major. ” Many of them say the particular decline is at minimum 90 percent from the peak during the pandemic. While we definitely anticipated that many chapel members would return to in-person worship presence after the quarantine, we were…

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The Joys of Isolation – Thousands of People Found New Appreciation During Enforced Solely Time in Lockdown

Time spent by itself during the pandemic resulted in positive effects on wellbeing across all ages, new research has found. The study of more than 2, 000 teenagers and adults found that most people experienced benefits from solitude during the early days of the global Covid-19 pandemic. All age groups experienced good as well as negative effects […]

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The particular Quarter-Time Church Member: Five Observations

The Quarter-Time Church Member: 5 Observations If your chapel is typical, over one-half of your members attend one from four weeks or less. I am convinced that the decreasing commitment associated with church members for their local churches is among the greatest problems in our culture today. Greater than polarized politics. More than petty…

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