Two Ways Social Media is Modifying

Recently Facebook changed its business name to Meta. It wasn’t simply a name change, but instead a nod in order to where social media is going and what the future will look like. If you watched Indicate Zuckerburg’s keynote you can easily get lost in all the technology that he presented. However , these new advancements that Facebook…

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Just how an Oyster Can Form a Perfectly Shaped Pearl Better Than We Can With All Our Technology

In research that could notify future high-performance nanomaterials, a University of Michigan-led team offers uncovered for the first time how mollusks build ultradurable structures with a level of symmetry that outstrips everything else in the organic world, with the exception of individual atoms. “ We all humans, with all the access to technology, can’ t make some thing with […]

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Methods to Develop a Christian Worldview of Faith

simply by Gloria Copeland Worldview. While not a new phrase, it’s a concept gaining popularity in the Body of Christ. It asks problem: How do you view your own world? What identifies you, your perceptions, your opinions as well as your belief system? A lot of Christians promote developing a Christian worldview—or the biblical worldview—but I would like to challenge you…


Learning much more

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All of us are Cultists On the Inside

You can find different ways to distinguish the church from a cult. Churches hold to a broad consensus associated with orthodox beliefs while cults invariably raise a small number of uniquely unorthodox beliefs. Churches tend to foster a context in which leaders are usually accountable to their congregations while cults tend to foster a framework in which leaders requirement mindless obedience. Churches expect loyalty towards the word of God while cults expect loyalty to the terms of a charismatic head. And then there …

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Plain tap water Produces a Safety Shield Against Microplastics, Scientists Discover

Tap water generates a natural protective shield against harmful microplastics, which can help prevent household products from releasing them. That’s according to a team associated with scientists from AMBER, the SFI Centre for Advanced Materials and Bioengineering Research, Trinity, and University University Dublin. The research through Ireland reveals that will tap water contains trace elements and minerals, which […]

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