7 Ways to Have Your very best Christmas Ever

It’ s Christmas season again. Seems to come every year about this time. The most wonderful time of the year. I am hoping this is your best Xmas ever! There’ ll be parties…

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A La Carte (November 29)

Good morning. Grace and peace to you today. Logos users may wish to check out this long list of deals for today. (Yesterday on the blog: The Sad, Sad Story You’ll need To Tell God) Giving Thanks for Prosperity and Adversity “ There’s been plenty of suffering and fear in the world the past two years, but it hasn’t shaken the faith of most Christians in the United States. ” Or so a new study finds. Take This First Simple Step …

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A La Carte (November 23)

Might the God associated with love and peacefulness be with you nowadays. (Yesterday on the weblog: Helpful Things You Can Say to Grieving Parents) Perform We Really Want Everything That Technology Can Give Us? Gene Veith asks, “ Do we want technology that changes our agency because human beings? That babysits us? That retains us in line? The sense is that we would like technology that expands what we can do. Not really technology that imposes itself upon all of us, or that generates conditions that we have …

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5 Problems with Designated Cathedral Giving

The largest quantity of funds most church buildings receive are called “undesignated giving” or “general fund giving. ” These gifts are utilized toward the ministry and general working budget of the chapel. There are no restrictions to fund a very particular cause. The other classification is called “designated offering. ” The donor specifies exactly what she or he…

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A La Carte (November 18)

Good morning. Sophistication and peace for you. We are seeing several Kindle deals related to ETS. They are really worth checking out. (Yesterday within the blog: The Beauty of a good Heirloom Bible) Guarantee of Things Hoped For: Christians Will Fulfill Again in Paradise You know what I love about blogs? That people create content as good and encouraging as this, then joyfully give it aside for free. “ ‘ You’re welcome, ’ I replied, mainly because those had been the only words that will formed …

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The La Carte (November 12)

Might the Lord be with you and bless you today. On sale on Westminster Books recently is an excellent new day-to-day devotional from Alistair Begg. Brothers Indeed I very much liked this dispatch from afar. The Middle Many years Melissa often makes me laugh. “ The middle years, exactly where any guess about my age is likely to be wrong one way or the other, depending on ridiculous things like how much water I’ve been drinking or how much I spent on …

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The La Carte (November 10)

Good morning. May the Lord bless you and keep you today. Westminster Books has a deal on the pair of new textbooks meant to help battle addiction to pornography (and to help those who are so struggling). Are Baptists ‘Reformed’? A Brief History associated with Baptist Identity I enjoyed Timothy George’ s look at the historical connection between Baptists and Reformed theology. How Church Membership rights Gives Us Independence “ Isn’t this ironic that a higher commitment like church membership can bring about a …

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Researchers Discover Baby Closes Can Change Their Possible vocal tone – And Imitate Sounds Like Parrots

Seals are among the very few mammals to alter the tone of the voices, allowing them to mimic humans like a bird, scientists have found. The sea creatures change the frequency of their calls with respect to the sounds of their surroundings, according to a new research. Seals can be taught to copy human speech […]

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