How to Lead Like a Bully (in Three Simple Steps)

The Old Testament story of Rehoboam is one of the most haunting in all of bible verses. In it, we visit a man who had the ability to unite Israel and rebuild their family’ s heritage, but instead he divided the kingdom. Here’ s the fast backstory of 1 Kings 12: King Solomon has just died. Their 40…

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Main Warning Signs Stress will be Starting to Impair Your own Leadership

Every pastor gets overwhelmed. The particular pressures of ministry are real and a lot of, and seasons of stress are certain to occur. I’m certain many of you have tales of severe thunder or wind storms in which the stress was overwhelming. However , when ongoing stress starts to define a pastor, it becomes a contagion that spreads to others. Unresolved stress…

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5 Problems with Designated Cathedral Giving

The largest quantity of funds most church buildings receive are called “undesignated giving” or “general fund giving. ” These gifts are utilized toward the ministry and general working budget of the chapel. There are no restrictions to fund a very particular cause. The other classification is called “designated offering. ” The donor specifies exactly what she or he…

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The Hardest Decision a Leader Makes – Letting People Go

Perhaps the hardest decision a leader makes is when to release someone through employment. I’ ve only known some callous people who weren’ t extremely mired by having to fire someone….

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Busting Out of the Loneliness and Discouragement Cycle within Ministry

Loneliness and discouragement are often linked in a vicious circle. One leads to another. They feed off each other. When exponentially boosted together, church market leaders often feel stuck and hopeless. Way too few admit it out loud, but it’s a common problem within ministry. The chapel is supposed to be a host to belonging and…

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5 Ways to Attract Church Planters Into Church Revitalization

We need attract some sharp church planters to go from one Kingdom-building chance to another Kingdom-building opportunity. Some sharp church planters need to proceed to church revitalization. I’ m frequently in…

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Innovator, Use Your Rifle Over Your Shotgun

Effective leaders use their rifle more than their shotgun. I speak with so many leaders that will get frustrated because they never seem to achieve as much as they placed…

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