How to Stay Involved When #NoPornovember is Over

November may be over, but this fight for real love has just begun. Let’s look back at all the amazing things that happened this month and look ahead to what’s next.

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How My Obsessive Porn Habit Spiraled Out of Control

“At one point, I put so many disks with porn on them that when you placed all of them on the floor, they piled up past the waist. Yet, I couldn’t comprehend that I had a problem. inch

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The Pastoral Prayer to get Unity Amid Pandemic

Every now and again I like to share one of the pastoral prayers from Grace Fellowship Church. This particular one was prayed by Paul Matn on a recent Weekend. The context, as is obvious from the plea, is the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and, perhaps more specifically, the vaccine mandates which are taking root within our city and country. This context provides many opportunities intended for Christians to disagree with one another and, consequently , to become disunited. This particular, then, is a plea …

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