I Knew It!

Do you ever question what it’s like to enter heaven? Do you wonder what you will observe first, what you will listen to first, what you will look and experience first? Do you ever wonder what your own very first thought will be after you’ve fallen asleep in this world to awaken in the next? I am sure you do. We all do. We all wonder what’s just above the great chasm that separates life from death, earth through heaven, here from …

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A La Carte (November 25)

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American family and friends. You enjoy your vacation and we’ ll take care of the internet these days. Today’ s Amazon kindle deals include a good little selection of titles. (Yesterday on the blog: New and Notable Christian Books fo November 2021) Thanksgiving, Gratitude, and Leanness of Soul “ When we forget God and ingratitude sets in, we have grown spiritually sick. At that point, it does not matter how much we have; it will never satisfy us, and the …

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7 Ways To Have The Greatest Thanksgiving Ever

Want a guaranteed better Thanksgiving? Perhaps even the very best Thanksgiving ever? I actually believe Thanksgiving may be one of the most “ Christian” holidays we can commemorate. As followers associated with Christ,…

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The First Songs of Xmas

Few authors can communicate the sweetness of God’s Phrase as deeply because Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth. Her love designed for Scripture is evident—and infectious. As the Arrival season draws close to, I want to experience this with fresh amazement, don’t you? Nancy’s new devotional, The very first Songs of Xmas is an invitation to open our Bibles and remember […]#@@#@!!

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Two Ways Social Media is Modifying

Recently Facebook changed its business name to Meta. It wasn’t simply a name change, but instead a nod in order to where social media is going and what the future will look like. If you watched Indicate Zuckerburg’s keynote you can easily get lost in all the technology that he presented. However , these new advancements that Facebook…

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The advantage of an Heirloom Bible

I actually once sat at George Müller’s desk and read Adam 1: 27 from his Bible. I once visited the library that included artifacts from Bill Carey’s life plus leafed through a Bible that he had owned and studied. I use pondered the color-coded notes in Amy Carmichael’s Bible and have paged through a first-edition King James. Nearer to home, my father’s Bible was placed at the front and middle of the church throughout his funeral and I had a special wooden …

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Just how an Oyster Can Form a Perfectly Shaped Pearl Better Than We Can With All Our Technology

In research that could notify future high-performance nanomaterials, a University of Michigan-led team offers uncovered for the first time how mollusks build ultradurable structures with a level of symmetry that outstrips everything else in the organic world, with the exception of individual atoms. “ We all humans, with all the access to technology, can’ t make some thing with […]

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Dropped Is Her Prize But Where Is certainly Her Trust?

I have frequently expressed my fascination with nineteenth century religious poetry. In a time when there were few means through which other people could engage with one another, poetry periodicals might often print the poem in one concern, then responses or even rebuttals in long term editions. I found just such a situation having a poem titled “ A Mother’ h Love” which was penned by a grieving, unknown poet. Still she keeps rocking him, Ever caressing him, Brushing his locks from his without color brow; …

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