A La Carte (December 3)

The Lord be with you plus bless you today. There are some nice brand new Kindle deals to look at today. Binding “ It was the most significant religious moment of our relationship. And it happened twenty two years after we said, ‘ I do. ‘” Melissa explains what it was about. The Most Wonderful Moments of the Year? “ Whether or not you celebrate Xmas or not, I think we can all agree that this time of the year can bring out the best and the worst, …

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7 Ways to Have Your very best Christmas Ever

It’ s Christmas season again. Seems to come every year about this time. The most wonderful time of the year. I am hoping this is your best Xmas ever! There’ ll be parties…

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World’s Most Premature Infant Defies Sub-1% Success Odds to Break Record

This article has been reprinted along with permission from Guinness World Records Delivered in July 2020, exactly one month after the previous world’s most premature baby, Curtis Zy-Keith Means through Alabama, USA, would go on to make history. Initially, Michelle “ Chelly” Butler’ s i9000 pregnancy seemed to be advancing well and on track to go to full phrase. […]

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How exactly to Trust God When Your Prayers Go Unanswered

Kristen Clark never imagined that the first decade of her marriage would include 3 miscarriages, dozens of physician visits, and the diagnosis of unexplained infertility. Coming from a large family herself, she assumed having children would be easy. But year after year she stared down at a poor pregnancy test. To this day, her life […]#@@#@!!

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Researchers Discover Baby Closes Can Change Their Possible vocal tone – And Imitate Sounds Like Parrots

Seals are among the very few mammals to alter the tone of the voices, allowing them to mimic humans like a bird, scientists have found. The sea creatures change the frequency of their calls with respect to the sounds of their surroundings, according to a new research. Seals can be taught to copy human speech […]

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The reason why It’s Time To Pick a Date

You’ve been watching the pages of the calendar switch one after one more. And it still hasn’t happened. Standing. Speaking. Sowing. Believing. Exactly what else can you perform? During the 2021 Term Explosion Military Praise, Bishop Herbert Bailey shared a powerful phrase about how to put your own faith in action. If you’re believing God with regard to something, here’s…


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The La Carte (October 29)

The Lord end up being with you and bless you today. What happens if Thoughts Are Bad? Have you ever been attacked by thoughts you are definitely weren’ t your own? That’ s the topic of this article. Growing within Godliness One Phase at Time Scott Hurst: “ Rich Sibbes and Malcolm Gladwell run in different circles. For one week, though, I shared a table using them (in book form) for a conversation regarding the pace of godliness. ” Reformation 7 days $5 Friday Sale Today, Ligonier Ministries …

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The La Carte (October 19)

May the Our god of love and peace be with you today. There are, as usual, a few Kindle deals for those who are interested. (Yesterday on the blog: Increasing the Borders and Enlarging the Territory) Augmenting a Gracious Environment in Your Church “ A message of elegance may attract people, but a culture of grace will keep all of them. What our church buildings need, not in return for a gospel information but as a see to it, is a gospeled climate. But how do you get …

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