Design Students Use Artwork to Reimagine Plastic-type material Recycling – Generating Lamps, Seat Covers, and More

London design college students were given a challenge: get plastic that will probably end up in the landfill, and turn it into a new raw material using as little energy as possible. Part of the competition from the London Royal College associated with Art, the students excelled, turning plastic material into train car-seat covers, sound insulation, art […]

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Life-Giving Inspirations from a Rustic Countryside

Welcome to Fodderstack Farm… a traditional retreat in the New york mountains. A place where one can connect with family, close friends, yourself and, above all, God, in a special way. The intention of the book would be that the reader will go deeper in their understanding of the presence of our Lord by means of all the ways […]#@@#@!!

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Incredible Cave Paintings almost eight Miles-Long Revealed Serious in Amazon Woodland: The Sistine Church of Ancients

Tens of thousands of pristine cave works of art were found daubed across an eight-mile stretch of rock in a once-in-a-century finding in Colombia’ s i9000 Amazon rainforest. Hailed as the “ Sistine Chapel of the Ancients, ” it’ s i9000 the kind of discovery that will changes the world of archaeology. Believed to be 12, 500 years old, the art is extremely detailed, plus […]

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The particular Inspiring Story, Mission And Artwork from the Parkinson’s Painter Who also Finally Followed His Dream

13 years ago, right after being diagnosed with Parkinson’ s disease, the 65-year-old military veteran and social worker, decided he would change his dark analysis into a positive opportunity to fulfill a lifelong dream. Now, Grettle Greenstein is known as ‘The Parkinson’s Painter’. In high school he was obviously a prolific doodler, however the dean of an art […]

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Weekend A La Carte (November 6)

May you know the Lord’s benefits as you honor plus serve him this weekend. I am wanting to know if I have any readers who reside in Zurich or Malta. If so, would you brain getting in touch? Since Saturdays go, it is really an exceptional one in regards to Kindle deals. (Yesterday on the blog: A Christian Case meant for Bitcoin and Blockchain) Can You Hear the Congregation Singing? “ Congregational singing — which includes the one that sings like it is an American Idol …

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A Christian Case for Bitcoin and Blockchain

A recent article intrigued me with its assertion that it is better to comprehend Bitcoin as gambling than investment: “ An asset that never pays a dividend but has a price that keeps rising is a bubble. An investor can believe Bitcoin is a bubble and rationally invest so long as she expects to sell out before the bubble pops. But that isn’t investing; that’s gambling, and it’s a zero-sum game. ” Being largely unfamiliar with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, I needed to think …

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Good News in History, November five

Happy 80th Birthday to Art Garfunkel, the singer, poet, and professional who rose in order to fame in the sixties and 70s with the world renown folks duo Simon and Garfunkel. Born within Queens, New York, the son of a travelling salesman, he fulfilled Paul Simon at school while acting within a play. After generating 8 Grammys […]

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Forget Gold and Fine Art: Startup Gets Traders to Put Their Money into Rewilding the particular Land

The UK’ s extravagant with re-wilding has taken a corporate convert, as a green purchase company looks to create long-term capital appreciation for investors, via re-wilding programs and the jobs they develop. By taking advantage of the particular growing carbon capture market, businesses trying to offset or reduce their emissions, and the new Environmental Land Management schemes […]

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How Painting Helped Me Overcome Perfectionism

It really is impossible to live with out failing at some thing, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived with all—in which situation, you fail automatically. -JK Rowling I’ ve always described myself as a …

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