Enough Is Enough—Healing and Miracle Service

Sufficient is enough—We’re starting a counterattack on COVID-19! On Weekend, Sept. 5, 2021, Eagle Mountain Global Church held magic and healing assistance specifically to ressortchef (umgangssprachlich) healing, recovery and miracles to everybody battling COVID-19. Christ has redeemed all of us from the curse from the law, so we can walk in full healing and wholeness. If you’re…


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OnlyFans Will Reportedly Prohibit “Sexually-Explicit Conduct. ” What Does That Mean?

OnlyFans’ recent announcement that it will no longer host “sexually-explicit conduct” yet will still permit nudity has left individuals scratching their heads. So what does this particular mean for the future associated with OnlyFans and its content material creators?

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What Olympic Athletes’ Homogeneous Changes to Avoid Sexualization Says About Our “Pornified” Culture

No matter if someone is wearing a leotard or unitard, bikini bottoms or shorts, they do not deserve to be sexualized or objectified. The fact that athletes feel these uniform statements are necessary says something about our culture’s objectification problem.

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