Red Light Therapy Could Improve Eyesight Right after Declining Due to Age group

The simple associated with act of staring at a deep-red or even near infrared source of light for about three moments was found to become enough to improve colour vision in all those suffering from failing vision. The potential treatment enables the mitochondria in the human retina to create more ATP, the principal energy currency of all cells, and […]

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Hard of hearing Football Team Goes 12-0 On Its Way in order to California State Championship

A varsity football team in Ca is impressing the state’ s athletic world, as the limited 23-player roster went undefeated 12-0 although all 23 players and their trainer are deaf. They don’ t enjoy in a hard of hearing league, they may be beating hearing groups, sometimes by huge margins, all the while making use of American Sign Vocabulary […]

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The risk of Envying One more Church and How This Affects You

Probably you’re like me. Probably you’ve looked at an additional church or pastor with envy. It is that spark of elation you feel when first hearing in regards to a mega-platform pastor falling—envy. I’ve felt the particular flicker of “I knew it! ” without even knowing the person. Envy should be stomped out. Cathedral envy happens in the local level since…

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Great news in History, December 1

And, 24 years ago today, Kenny G set a new globe record when he or she held a note on his saxophone for forty five minutes and 47 secs using a technique which allows him to whack and breathe at the same time. Now 65, Kenny G is the biggest-selling instrumental musician from the modern era and one […]

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A La Carte (December 1)

The beginning of a new month is just the right time to consider that right now, today, at this very moment, God is reigning upon his throne. There’s a good little list of Kindle deals to work through. You Can’t Channel Him Because He’s Not Dead Anne Kennedy: “A dear and wonderful friend sent me an article about the most fantastical religious trend I think I’ve come across to date. In all my wandering around the cyber highways and byways …

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The Joy of Hearing

There is perhaps no book of the Bible that offers as many interpretive challenges as the book of Revelation. I sometimes debate whether the book is actually perfectly clear while we are pathetically thick or whether the book is extremely difficult to understand because God intended it to be. Either way, though the intent and general message of Revelation is clear enough, the details present a challenge worthy of the most eminent theologian. Speaking of which, Thomas Schreiner has recently …

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2021 – December Wallpaper

December’s digital wallpaper is ready for you to download! Save this wallpaper to your desktop computer or mobile device. Click here to download the Desktop version.Click here to download the Tablet version.Click here to download the iPhone version.Click here to download the Mobile version. Desktop Computer InstructionsFor most desktop computers, click the link to download…

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