Xmas Fanatic Turns Her Office Cube Into Incredible Life-Sized Gingerbread House (LOOK)

A Xmas fanatic turned her office cube straight into an incredible life-size gingerbread house to entertain her colleagues. 47-year-old Monika Orrey experienced only worked at her new job for two months when they announced a workspace decorating competition. The finance manager threw their self into the contest, investing eight hours turning her cube into a festive […]

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World’s First 3D-Printed Attention Focuses Gaze on Digital Prosthetics

A Londoner has received the world’ s-first 3D printed digital eye as a prosthetic. Promising to cut the time it takes to develop a prosthesis simply by half, it’ h also more realistic than other options. Steve Verze is a 47-year-old engineer through Hackney who got needed a prosthetic eye since he was 20. Last week he finally […]

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The particular Underwater ‘Kites’ Producing Tidal Electricity Because they Move

In the event that there’ s lots of sky, but little sun; plenty of breeze, but little property, where can the Faroe Islands search for renewable energy? The answer can be obvious, owing to their Viking origins: Ocean Dragons. The Sea Monster is a unique form of kinetic energy generated by the movement of the tides. 40 meters beneath the […]

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95 Feeling Lost Quotes to Help You Find Your Way in Life

Today I’d want to share the most helpful and uplifting rates on feeling dropped. Timeless thoughts that may help you to stay strong by means of tough times and to stay on course back to yourself and to your path and trip in life. But before all of us get to that here is two things that have helped me […]#@@#@!!

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Great news in History, December 2

And 75 in years past today, fashion designer Giovanni Versace was born in Italy to a dressmaker mother. Known for his flashy prints, uncovering cuts, and brilliant colors, Versace created for famous clients, such as Elton John, Eileen Jackson, Bruce Springsteen, Cher, and Madonna. He chose Medusa as the brand’s logo—a design that was on the […]

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The La Carte (December 2)

As happens every year, Westminster Books provides marked down ESVs to 50% off. That includes premium Bibles, Reader’ s Bibles, research Bibles, etc . Trademarks users will want to make sure to download this month’ s free plus nearly-free books. Today’ s Kindle deals include a couple of Christmas devotionals. (Yesterday in the blog: The Pleasure of Hearing) Postmodernism’s Revenge Here’ h Kevin DeYoung composing for WORLD views. “ Looking for blind spots is one thing. Acting as if we are window blind is another. We do not …

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Watch a Huge Spotted Skull cap Stingray Glide Majestically Around Scuba Diver

The Galapagos Islands features some of the most beautiful creatures on the planet. Scuba divers go to from all over the world to view the greatest show in the world, a smorgasbord of marine animals from hammerhead sharks towards the giant eagle rays. Capable hunters of small fish plus crustaceans, spotted novelty helmet rays have advanced an ability […]

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Blocking Microplastics From Polluted Water Using Acoustic Waves: ‘New means to fix cleaning up our oceans’

Filtering microplastics from polluted water using acoustic dunes is the new solution to cleaning up our seas, according to new study. Microplastics are released into the environment because cosmetics, clothing, industrial processes, and plastic-type products like product packaging, break down naturally. The plastic pollutants then make their way into rivers and oceans, endangering marine life. Filtering […]

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