Just how Pastors Can Use Feelings of Restlessness inside a Positive Way

I have a tendency towards restlessness. Leading via a pandemic did not help. Feeling restlessness is a common phenomenon among pastors and church leaders right now. You may can relate. Leadership restlessness is some thing most leaders feel—usually more often than not. It’s the nagging question that will keeps you thinking… what’s next? Within…

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65 Grit Quotes to Help You to Keep Pushing Ahead in Life

Few factors are as important for success in life because having grit. But what exactly is grit? Here’s how Angela Duckworth, psychologist and writer of the book Grit: The Power of Enthusiasm and Perseverance, points out it: “Grit will be passion and perseverance for very long-term goals. Grit has stamina. Grit is certainly sticking with your future, […]#@@#@!!

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Good News in History, October 20

90 years ago today, legendary baseball player Mickey Mantle was born in Oklahoma. He played his entire 18-year career (1951–1968) for the New York Yankee and, despite many injuries, hit a stellar 536 career home runs with a .298 batting average. Regarded as the greatest switch hitter in baseball history, he led the league in […]

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The La Carte (October 20)

May the Lord bless and keep you these days. Yup, there are some Kindle deals today. A Key Indication You are Maturing as a Preacher “ Through the years, I have learned in order to ask students a vital question that can expose a lot about how these are developing as a preacher. ‘ What do you leave out? ‘” This is a great query for young preachers (and, also, intended for older preachers). In case Decisions Never Not in favor of You, Is Your Eldership Truly Plural? It’ s a valid question… The …

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If Just One Person Returned

Amelia Taylor had joined the girl son as he traveled to the great seaport of Liverpool. Hudson was about to make the lengthy journey to a far-off mission field and she wanted to be along with him to the last moment, to hope for him a single last time, to see him depart for that great work Lord had called your pet to. He by no means forgot that day time. His mother arrived aboard the deliver with him, entered his cabin, and smoothed the little bunk. …

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Over fifty percent of Women Were 7 Months Into the Peri menopause Before Realizing What Was

More than half of ladies didn’t realize these were going through the perimenopause until seven months after they first experienced signs, a poll has found. A new survey of 1, 500 women, who are going or have gone through the particular menopause, found fifty two percent took a lot of time to realize what was causing the aching joints, fatigue, […]

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Where’s Walrus? You Can Help Scientists by Volunteering to Count Ocean Mammals In Satellite Images

Researchers have appealed to the public to help them monitor the number of Walrus in the Arctic searching at images—taken from space. The real-life Where’ s Wally? project will see animal-lovers scanning satellite images to help monitor Walrus populations along the Frosty coastline. Conservationists hope that the ‘ Walrus from Space’ study will give a […]

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20, 000 Pounds of Trash Removed From Pacific Garbage Patch: ‘Holy mother of the almighty. It worked! ‘

“ The Great Pacific Waste Patch can now be cleaned, ” announced Nederlander entrepreneur Boyan Slat, the wonderkid inventor who has spent a decade inventing systems meant for waterborne waste collection. Recent tests manufactured by tools invented in order to tackle the one 8 trillion-piece stack of plastic pollution, called System 002, were a success, top Slat to forecast that most […]

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Wes Anderson Designed a Luxury Train Car – and It Looks Like Something out of His Films

Train travel is a lost art in the United States, a fact not dropped on film movie director Wes Anderson, who also revels in making use of train travel in his films. Now he’ s taken his passion to a country that understands this: to England, where a company has built a Wes Anderson-inspired teach carriage complete with all of the […]

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Should Christians Celebrate Halloween party?

5 Reasons To Steer Clear For some reason, whether Christian believers should participate in Halloween has been quite the topic of debate. Some believe it’s just harmless fun and don’t wish to feel left out from the festivities. Others identify the spiritual ramifications behind the day plus warn against the dangers. Ultimately, as Christians, every decision…


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