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12 Hollywood Stars That have Spoken Out on Porn’s Harms

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Any time a celebrity speaks up about porn’s harmful effects, countless more people have the opportunity to see what the research is saying.

It isn’ t common that you’ ll hear a public statement, though, given the taboo and sometimes controversial topic of porn. These high-profile public figures are usually pretty careful with what they say to the media, particularly when talking about subjects that a lot of people aren’ t eager to chat about.

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However , due to the science and research that is being released regularly on the harmful effects of porn, more and more celebrities are starting to take a stand and voice their opinions about the prevalence of porn in our society, and how it has affected them personally.

Here’ s a non-exhaustive listing of athletes and actors who have directly and publicly addressed the issue of pornography and just why they think it’ s harmful.

Of course, there are many more celebs who don’ t support it, but they are stars who have been probably the most outspoken, bold, or insightful in referring to porn’ s harms. Their reasons and experiences are varied, but the message all boils down to exactly the same fact: porn isn’t harmless personal entertainment.


You may know Marisol Nichols as Hermione Lodge in the hugely popular Warner Bros and Netflix critically-acclaimed hit tv series Riverdale.

To some, the Chicago native can be an actress, but to others, she’s a hero. After learning about the rampant problem of human trafficking, Marisol has worked with police and state and federal legislators for over a decade to greatly help catch child sexual predators and human traffickers by going undercover. She also founded Foundation for a Slavery Free World, a non-profit that produces events in Hollywood to raise awareness on trafficking and awards individuals and other non-profit groups for their heroic work in this field.

Recently, we sat down with Marisol to share with you her anti-trafficking efforts for our podcast, Consider Before Consuming. In our conversation, she explained how child trafficking and mainstream pornography are connected:

“ I believe, believe everything you guys do and if you’re watching horrible stuff, you should just think about it. Like there’s a guy and he’s watching ‘ normal porn, ’ whatever that is watching ‘ normal porn. ’ And then that doesn’t do it for him. So he clicks here and that he clicks here and he clicks here and he clicks here and he starts going darker and darker and darker and darker. Where does that lead? … His kids, that’s the conclusion. And so if we can… educate people before they even get into that trap, that would be huge. ”

Because of the connection between sex trafficking and pornography, Marisol has been speaking against the porn industry.

You can learn more about Foundation for a Slavery Free World at and connect with Marisol on Instagram at @marisolnichols.


Crews first spoke out about pornography in his book Manhood, where he exposed about how he was addicted to since the age of 12, and how his porn habit deeply affected his marriage.

Just recently, he repped one of our “ Porn Kills Love” tees within an exclusive Fighter Club color while stuck in his home like the rest of the world, social distancing, because of COVID-19. What a legend.


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We were able to sit down with him next post and have a conversation for our podcast, Consider Before Consuming. Click here to listen now.

But this was far from his first time talking about porn as a public issue.

A couple of years ago, Terry began using the Facebook live video feature to go in-depth about his past struggle, how it damaged his relationships, and how we was able to finally overcome it. In a series of videos to his 8 million+ Facebook audience, Terry Crews addressed what he called his “ dirty little secret. ”

“This thing has become a problem, I think it’s a worldwide problem, ” Terry said in his first Dirty Little Secret video. “Pornography really smudged my life in a lot of ways. Some people deny it and say, ‘Hey man you can’t really be addicted to pornography, there’s no way. ’ But I’ll tell you something: if day turns into night and you’re still watching, you almost certainly got a problem. And that was me. ”

The real-talk video series quickly gained an incredible number of views, and was picked up by news outlets like CNN and The Today Show, generating a nationwide discussion on the harms of pornography.

In an excerpt from an interview with the Tom Joyner Morning Show, Crews and his wife of 25 years, Rebecca, opened up about the effect it had on their life together:

Joyner: “ Terry, did you have a collection or was it just online? ”

Crews: “ Online. It wasn’t a collection, I was smart enough not to keep anything in the house… I (was) suffering from something. I was a loving father, husband, the whole thing, but in the trunk of my mind I needed something similar to pornography just to chill. It’s almost like not admitting you’re an alcoholic or something like that. Nevertheless the thing is, you can’t live in two worlds, and I was getting farther and farther far from Rebecca. Pornography can be an intimacy killer. It just started accumulating a wall. Lots of people get divorced and so they don’t even understand how a separation began. It wasn’t that she caught me. She was like, ‘Something is wrong with you, ’ and I finally had to admit it absolutely was a problem… I realized I couldn’t stop. ”

Terry officially joined the #PornKillsLove movement a couple of years ago by repping one of our popular Porn Kills Love tees and giving Fight the New Drug a shout out to his millions of followers.

Support for my people over at @FightTheNewDrug! #PornKillsLove

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Both Terry and Rebecca Crews follow Fight the New Drug on Instagram and Twitter. They are relationship goals for sure.


This Pirates of the Caribbean and Carnival Row star has joined with a number of other celebrities who’re speaking out about how exactly porn can warp your sense of reality and sexual expectations.

Before meeting his now-fiancée, singer Katy Perry, Orlando Bloom took the suggestion of a friend and went 6 months without hooking up with anyone. In that time, he realized how his sexpectations had kept him from connecting to women on a friendship level.

While he was having a break from casual sex, Bloom also understood porn’ s negative effects for himself. When asked if he looked to pornography as a substitute for sex, Bloom insisted he did “ completely nothing” throughout those months.

“Porn is super-disruptive to your sex life, to your libido, ” Bloom said in a March 2020 interview with The U. K. ’ s The Sunday Times.

“ They’ve done the studies, they can’ t find any kids who don’ t watch it. When you watch multiple people at multiple times in one evening, how is your actual real-life partner likely to match up? ” he noted. “ It’ s just so destructive. ”

Science and research would agree with you, Bloom.


When it comes to British actors, few are more accomplished than Emma Thompson who has appeared in 40 films, and has been nominated for five Academy Awards and won two. The London-born actress has starred in such films as Harry Potter as Professor Trelawney, Love Actually , Nanny McPhee , Stranger Than Fiction , and Saving Mr. Banks . And in addition to her incredible career, we’ re celebrating Thompson for the fact that she’ s unafraid to speak out against the harms of pornography within our society.

In a 2014 interview with the UK’s Daily Mail, Thompson declared that she was waging war on “ internet slime. ” The actress explained that between movies, she focuses on educating her daughter on the dangers of online porn. Like a large amount of parents, she expressed her deep worries about porn and hyper-sexuality on social networking where she says “ there’s no jurisdiction or protection. ” She even unveiled she has created a handbook for her daughter to help guide her through the maze of online dangers. “ Those quick clicks are dangerous, ” she says.

Thompson also talks about her concerns for teenagers who look at pornography online and “ cannot function sexually because they’ve lost the use of their imagination. ”

Recently, she worked on a documentary about online sex abuse, and narrated an independent film that explores the dangers of residing in a tech-obsessed society influenced by porn and isolated communication behind the protection of a screen.

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“One of the things I’ve done in the last year, not just planning to therapy, I’ve gotten off of social media. I obtained off all social media, I don’t watch pornography anymore, and my brain is like—I’m focused, man. ”

This quote is from Chris Rock during a podcast interview in September 2020 (FTND note: the content in the interview discusses political and religious issues on which FTND has no stance as a non-religious and non-legislative nonprofit).

In the last few years, comedian Chris Rock has joined with other celebrities in speaking on the life-changing harmful effects of pornography.

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He isn’t just discussing quitting his porn habit in podcasts though, he’s taken his experiences to the main stage. In his Netflix special, Rock opened up in his first tell-all stand-up routine in almost a decade.

Here’s an excerpt from the special, edited for graphic language:

“When you watch too much porn, you know what happens? You become, like, sexually autistic. You develop sexual autism. You’ve got a hard time with eye contact and verbal cues … You get desensitized. When you begin watching porn, any porn will do. Then, later on, you’re all f—ed up and also you need a perfect porn cocktail to get [aroused]. I was so f—ed up … I’m better now. ”

Now, we know that Chris Rock is a comedian—his business is to tell jokes, to make people laugh about uncomfortable things. But that shouldn’t take away the impact of what that he says.


Everybody loves some JGL right? Well here’s a reason to love him even more. In late 2013, Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s directorial debut hit theaters. The widely released Don Jon, was the topic of much discussion in the media because of the movie’ s subject matter—porn.

The media described it as a movie simply about porn and plenty of people probably went and saw it because of that (FTND note: this movie does have many graphic, triggering images). However , after seeing the movie, many realized what it was actually about: love, relationships, and false depictions of both in pornography/media.

The movie, which was written, directed, and starred in by Gordon-Levitt, features Jon, a good looking, macho man who has no trouble with the ladies. However , he finds that regardless of most of the beautiful women that he meets, and then after getting into a relationship with his dream girl, played by Scarlett Johansson, he realizes he is severely addicted to internet porn and openly admits that real women/real sex can never compare to porn.

In an interview talking about his character in the movie and the message of the film, Gordon-Levitt said:

“Everything in Jon’s life is sort of a one-way street. He is maybe not connecting or engaging with anyone. That goes for the women in his life… It’s an item on a checklist. He doesn’t listen; he just takes. At the beginning of the movie, he’s finding that dissatisfying because there’s the sequence where he brings a young lady home from the bar and he is comparing her to this checklist that he has gotten off of what he likes to see in a pornography video. Obviously, a real person is not going to map onto that because there is a fundamental difference between a human being and a picture on a screen. ”

Since the movie, Gordon-Levitt has been open about his feelings about how the media and pornography negatively depict people and relationships.


Oscar-nominated singer-songwriter-turned-actress Andra Day has recently said she dealt with a sex and porn addiction before filming her breakout role in the film, “ The United States vs . Billie Holiday. ”

Day wanted the focus to be on Holiday’ s music in the critically-acclaimed film and never the sexualization of her in part because of her own struggle with sexual compulsion.

“ I didn’ t want any element of sexualization, ” Day told InStyle when asked about her role. “ I had come out of something in my own life—dealing with porn addiction, sex addiction. ” (FTND note: the content in the interview discusses political and religious issues on which FTND has no stance as a non-religious and non-legislative nonprofit).

This vulnerable conversation has put her on our list of celebs who recognize the harmful effects of porn due to how she describes coming out of that compulsion.

“ I’ m definitely in a healthy place to enjoy that because I’ m outside of the [porn] addiction, in the event that you will, ” she said. “ Therefore yeah, it’ s been really fun, because it’ s been very new for me. ”


When it comes to porn, Russell Brand knows his stuff, and he’ s not afraid to speak out. Just watch this segment of their own video discussing how porn can warp consumers’ understanding of healthier sex:

Brand is not any stranger to conversations about the harms of porn, and has many videos on his YouTube channel where he discusses the issue and talks about porn’ s harmful effects. (Note that Fight the newest Drug is non-religious and non-legislative, and linking to his channel is not an endorsement of all of the content he produces. )


Two-time NBA champion Lamar Odom has said he’s abandoned porn as part of developing a healthier lifestyle for himself and his future basketball ambitions.

Fleetingly after his viral interview with TMZ Sports where he made this announcement alongside his partner at the t ime, we were able to meet up with him near his hometown of Queens, New York.

In his own words, this exclusive video interview captures his thoughts on how porn twisted his perception of love, intimacy, and sex—and how he is embracing newfound honesty and transparency in his life since quitting his porn habit.

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Lamar’s vulnerability is admirable in sharing his story with us. Listen to our exclusive Consider Before Consuming FTND podcast interview with him as possible find anywhere you listen to podcasts.


When actor Hugh Grant appeared on U. S. chat show Watch What Happens Live , that he spoke about having three children, his preconceptions about fatherhood, and how his new role as a parent has changed him for the better. At one point in the interview, Grant was asked when the last time he watched porn was.

Grant answered quickly, “ Ah, I’ m rather proud of this! Around three years ago. Yes, I went cold turkey. ”

The interviewer then asked if quitting porn had changed his life for the better.

Grant’ s response? “ I now have three children. I think there is a correlation. ”

We think so too, Hugh.


This acclaimed French actress won an Oscar for her role in The English Patient , and has starred in films such as Chocolat (in which she was nominated for another Academy Award) and Dan In Real Life. She’s also the first woman to have won best actress awards at the Berlin, Cannes, and Venice film festivals. We recently uncovered this quote from an interview she gave to UK site The Independent in 2012:

“ Plenty of men take porn as not that important, not that serious, whereas women tend to take it personally. It’ s like, ‘ How can he make love to me after watching something like this? ’ I think the very first time I was aware that [a partner was using porn], I was really shocked because I didn’ t understand it. Lovemaking for me is related to feelings, and sensations with feelings, therefore when you don’ t have the feelings it becomes animal-like because you’ re not in touch with your heart. ”

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In an exclusive interview with Fight the newest Drug, Josh Radnor spoke out publicly for the first time against pornography and shared why is against it. As an actor he’s most notably known for his role as Ted Mosby in the Emmy Award-winning Tv program How I Met Your Mother, and for writing and directing Liberal Arts and Happythankyoumoreplease.

We caught up with Josh for a unique interview in Richmond, Virginia, where that he was filming the next season of Mercy Street , his latest television series. We asked him some questions about his thoughts and feelings about the effects of pornography on individuals, relationships, and society in general. When asked about how he approaches this matter from a factual point of view, he told us:

“ People make the argument that pornography has always been around – like it’s some kind of sturdy, time-honored tradition – but it’s a baseless argument. It hasn’t been around the way it is today, with the minute availability and variety and barbarity of it all. Internet pornography is this crazy experiment unleashed on the human psyche. Bodies and brains are being sent on a wildly untested chemical roller coaster. Like with any drug I think there are people whose circuitry is not vulnerable to the addiction, and many others who aren’t so fortunate. Because it’s all so new and has exploded so fast, research is only now starting to come out. Reports of chronic porn watchers detoxing off porn mirrors classic drug withdrawal – shakes, sweating, insomnia, depression, inability to focus, suicidal ideation, etc . There are those who say there’s no such thing as pornography addiction and that watching porn is harmless. History will not be kind to those people. They’ll be the doctors from the fifties in the cigarette advertisements. ”

Our interview with Josh was shared thousands of times on Facebook and generated a large discussion on the actor’ s Twitter account. One of our favorite quotes from the interview:

This just goes to show that it doesn’ t matter who you’re, the facts remain the exact same: porn is harmful.

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