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The La Carte (August 25)

May the Lord bless and keep you today.

The planet Is Catechizing All of us Whether We Understand It or Not

Kevin DeYoung: “ It is worth remembering David Well’s famous definition: worldliness is whatever can make righteousness look unusual and sin seem normal. Here’s the truth facing every Alfredia in the West: the money, power, and prestige from the mainstream media, big time sports, large business, big tech, and almost all the institutions of education and entertainment are invested in making sin appearance normal. ”

When it Seems like Evil is Successful

“ Some of us remember once the world’s suffering was relegated to one hr on the nightly information. We watched a sober-faced newscaster recount famines and battles and disasters within far-off places along with sorrow in our minds, and then we returned to a sink full of dishes or our own algebra homework as well as the horror faded because the immediate pressed within. ” But now, naturally , we have the internet…

Don’t Numb Your Feelings

This is a well-timed word on emotions and emotions. “ There is a danger to the subtle stoicism that some corners of Christendom are drawn toward. In this worldview, emotions are dangerous and hinder belief. This is false. Emotions are not our foe. They’re a gift from God and purposed by him to be harnessed, not under control. ”

How Can I Honour My Parents If I Don’t Respect Them?

I have recognized many who have needed to ask the question John Piper takes on right here.

Understand Your Enemy — and Your Father

“ Encircled by enemies bent on our destruction, we need repeatedly to call to our Father God for help. Without him, we’d invariably go down to defeat. But when we humbly hope to him, he’ll hear and he’ll uphold and strengthen us by the power of his Ay Spirit. ”

If Your Question Begins ‘how Much…’ It Is Probably The Wrong Question

Stephen Kneale: “ Jesus calls the church the apple of his eye and his bride. There is no doubt that Christ is saying, ‘I love you’. If we wouldn’t ask our wife, ‘and exactly how much devotion, and how much proof of me loving you, will suffice, y’know, to have done my duty? ’ I’m not sure what makes any of us think that is an appropriate thing to say to the Lord. ”

Want to Be a good Elder? Start Eldering Now.

“ Every older is an elder just before he is an elder. Every legitimate elder shows himself experienced in character plus competence before getting appointed to the office. This brief essay will focus on competence. ” If you aren’ t behaving as an elder, you shouldn’ t expect to be made an elder!

Flashback: The particular Rise of Digital Technologies and the Drop of Reading

You can’t be amazed when bland publications can’t hold their own against excellent video clips or outstanding pod-casts.

Can a man be at a open fire and not be hot; or in the sunshine and not have gentle? Can your coronary heart be in heaven, but not have comfort? —Richard Baxter