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Where Is Your Focus?

It is easy for us to have an inward focus in the times we are living in. We’ve been informed to stay at home and focus on self-preservation. We all spend our period making money or becoming with our families or even living for the week-ends. But we can not get caught up in our personal bubbles towards the extent that we can not relate to the declining world around all of us.

Human beings are essential to God. Genesis 1: 27 scans, “God created human beings in his own picture. In the image of The almighty he created them; male and feminine he created them” (NLT).

People are God’s highest development. He created all of us in His image. To put it differently, He looked at Themselves, and then He produced us. Look at Psalm 8: 4–8 within the Passion Translation:

Why could you bother with puny, mortal man or care about human beings? Yet exactly what honor you have provided to men, created only a little lower than Elohim, crowned with glory and magnificence. You have delegated to them rulership over-all you have made, with every thing under their expert, placing earth alone under the feet of your own image-bearers. All the created order and every living thing of the planet, sky, and sea—the wildest beasts and all that move in the paths of the sea—everything is in submission to Adam’s sons.

God has created all of us in His very image and surrounded all of us with glory and magnificence. He has provided us authority over-all the work of His hand. Acts 17: 28 says that individuals are His offspring.

I like just how Jesus tells us about our importance to God: “You can buy two sparrows regarding only a copper gold coin, yet not even one particular sparrow falls from its nest without the understanding of your Father. Aren’t you worth a lot more to God compared to many sparrows? So don’t worry. For your Father cares significantly about even the smallest detail of your life” (Matt. 10: 29–31, TPT).

All of us are important to God, because He sent Jesus, His Son, to die on a mix for our sins. Their desire is for each individual to have a personal romantic relationship with Him.

Because He cares so much for people, God phone calls believers to focus on the particular lost. This isn’t a suggestion; it is a command through God. Look at what the Bible says within the Gospels of Matthew and Mark:

Go and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. (Matt. 28: 19, NLT)

As you go in to all the world, preach openly the great news of the gospel to the entire human race! (Mark 16: fifteen, TPT)

Let me ask a question: do you have any kind of friends, relatives, or co-workers who do not know Jesus? If so, how much time do you spend praying to them?

Luke 15: 1 says that dishonest people and notorious sinners often came to hear exactly what Jesus was teaching. He even got with them. Jesus mention words to these people that healed broken hearts. He used His words to heal the sick and as a sword to bring deliverance. Jesus said in John 3: 17 that God didn’t send Him into the world to judge or condemn it but to be its Savior and rescue it!

We should follow Jesus’ example and start to see people and speak to them as He did. Paul encouraged us that, when we speak, our words ought to be gracious and attractive so that we will will have the right answer for everybody we speak to. How can you see and talk to people who don’t look, act, dress, or speak like you?

Say this prayer: Heavenly Father, teach me today how exactly to see people as You see them. Change my attitude and actions regarding the lost. Holy Spirit, guard my tongue when I want to speak words of condemnation and judgment to those around me. I want my words today to be gracious and attractive. I want my words to be only what You would have me say, nothing else. Use my lips to bring healing to the sick and salvation to the lost, in Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

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