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A La Carte (August 24)

May the Our god of love plus peace be together with you on this fine day time.

(Yesterday on the weblog: No Unfinished Sculptures)

The Gifts of This Age Point Us to the Age Still to Come

Jared Wilson: “ What Jesus is saying is that marriage is intended for this age to stage us to the reality of that age . How does it do this? There are so many broken marriages, and always have been since the fall, but it was originally like that. And even the best marriages, even the ones that last until demise do them component, are often fraught along with conflict or hurts or just disappointments. ”

He Would Have Come With Me

I enjoyed this story showing how God changed 1 man’ s cardiovascular.

Navigating Cross-Cultural Relationships

Chopo Mwanza provides an interesting sort of a cross-culture difference and offers some good lawyer on navigating cross-cultural relationships.

Open Door

“ Through the years. In various cultures. Conversations over tea build friendships. And open doors. And our own exchange moves through common everyday themes to the topic many essential. And dearest to my heart. Jesus. ”

We Agree, Right?

Holly Mackle: “ I’ve noticed a curious trend lately: within conversations with associates or strangers I realize my conversation partner presumes In my opinion the same way they do on a given subject. Sometimes subtle, sometimes overt, whether the subject is politics, pandemic, or Pandora stations—it just keeps occurring. ”

In John three or more: 16, Does “The World” Refer To The particular Elect Or To Dropped Humanity? (Video)

Sinclair Ferguson answers well with this short video.

On Sections and the Kingdom

“ Have you been growing in righteousness, and peace, and joy? All the things which we are absorbing, all of the debates we are throwing ourselves into, our stances, all of our focus and attention at the things which divide, all of our talking points…. are these causing righteousness and peacefulness and joy? Probably, then, they are not the stuff the kingdom is made of. ”

Flashback: One Very Good Reason to Read Your Scriptures

The benefit of knowledge of God plus intimacy with Lord extends to your family, to your neighbors, to your church. If you can’t or even won’t do devotions for your own sake, won’t you do it with regard to others?

There is nothing too great plus nothing is too little to commit in to the hands of the Master. —A. W. Pink