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The particular Good Stuff: Multivitamins for Your Weekend [08.21.21]

Happy,   happy, happy weekend break!  
Let’ s not allow everyday routines numb us to the wonder of living every single day! Some real, down in the bone tissues JOY to commemorate today! Links & stories 100% guaranteed to make you smile a mile wide & believe like crazy in the Good God redeeming everything. Never, ever provide up… there actually is hope, even for us.

Serving up only the Nutrients for you & your people right here:

Meg Loeks

Meg Loeks

Meg Loeks

Meg Loeks

Meg Loeks

within awe of the girl work and the beauty she creates

we’ lso are cooking up fresh new boiled peanuts these days if you’ deb like to join in!?

Research Finds That Your Metabolic process Doesn’t Drastically Decelerate Until You’re sixty

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I am…

You  teachers  are heroes plus soul shapers and generation strengtheners plus we’ re passing you a cup associated with hot tea plus giving you a standing up ovation! So congratulations, so. well. done.

KRUTIK THAKUR: Instagram / Site: Sunphotographs. com

KRUTIK THAKUR: Instagram / Website: Sunphotographs. com

KRUTIK THAKUR: Instagram and Website: Sunphotographs. possuindo

stunning! Photographer captures sun and celestial satellite silhouettes in the most creative ways!

Divine Fire: The Mystery of the Auroras… an exploration of why these incredible light shows take place, and what they disclose about God.

Cat’s Meows Guide Searcher to 83-Year-old Owner Who Fell Into Ravine

Are there times it seems God is inquiring too much of you? Possibly it feels that your studies will overtake a person. But as Joni reflects on a preferred song, she considers how trials are actually blessings. For it is usually through life’ ersus hardest challenges you are forced into the hands of Jesus.

amazing at this miracle: Local Ham Radio Hero Saves Friend’s Life Hundreds Of Miles Away

completely surprised: come see how this individual draws the world from his memory

Bethany Hope Photograph

Bethany Hope Photo

Bethany Hope Photo

pause right here… what’ s not to love?!

one to share with a friend who has to hear? The Purpose of Your Discomfort

God May Redeem Your Family History

the strength of love…

Aug !

“Whatever you do, do everything…giving thanks” Col. 3: 1

God’s will certainly is for us to give thanks in all things…because this is how God knows we can live through anything at all.

All the research concludes that if you write down simply 3 things you are grateful for every day, you increase your happiness by 25%! Which doesn’t want that?! And giving thanks in all things is a God-command for our pleasure. Let’s do it!

Take the Joy Care to (3 prompts a day to find 3 gifts) – and hang it on the fridge for the whole family to consider the  #JOYDARE  as well! Scavenger hunt for God’s glory!
Print the month of August Joy Dare, as well as the entire year of Joy Dares, the following:

And pick up a copy of the new 10th anniversary model of One Thousand Presents, and count all of the ways He loves you, & love Him all over again! AND, when you do, you get an entire FREE Pleasure Tool Kit which includes 5 exclusive printables: the “How to At all times Find Joy” Frameable, a Daily Joy Chart & Planner, children Gratitude Gift Container kit, a 12-Month Joy Calendar, and a Daily Joy Compass. Simply click here to learn how you can get yours today!

glory, fame, glory

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… when your son, in a heartbroken entire world, captures this gilded moment of lighting, down at the water farm, that will remind you that your coronary heart can still break for all your beauty in this outdated world too.

never, ever give up: Keep Praying

What’ h Happening in Afghanistan? Stories from Believers on the Ground with Jennie Allen and Pastor X

From Jennie Allen: “ What we are usually witnessing right now may be the decimation of the nation and people of Afghanistan. The Taliban has a hit list of recognized Christians that they are targeting to hunt down and kill. But these believers are not hopeless… I’ ve had a few conversations this week with my friend Pastor By and his team which have changed my belief. History has shown that persecution grows the particular church and you guys… these Jesus fans on the ground in Afghanistan are still on objective, hopeful, and ready to die for their faith. ”

Thank you, Mike Allberry: The strict thing about a person is that you are the one particular whom Jesus truly loves.

In this particular video, we’ll explore the “water of life” theme with the biblical story and see how it results in Jesus, who presents himself as the one bringing living drinking water to a world that is desperately thirsty.

Haiti Earthquake: To Weep and To Hope

Ainsley Earhardt shares her story of faith

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real beauty in a breaking world: love for

thank you so much, Priscilla Shirer: How to Trust God to Multiply What He’s Already Given You

Publications for Soul Healing:

One Thousand Presents

Joy is actually possible, correct where you are.

Take the dare to discover: Life is not an emergency …Life is a GIFT. A lot more too short to do anything but truly savor this — to rely all the ways a person truly loved.

The Broken Way

What happens if Brokenness is the Path into the Abundant Living?
You don’t have to be afraid of damaged things — due to the fact Christ is redeeming everything.
There’s no other genuine way forward — but a broken way — proper profoundly abundant lifestyle.

The Way of Abundance

Journey right into a deeply meaningful existence with this devotional and take sixty measures from heart-weary brokenness to Christ-focused great quantity. The Way of Abundance — is the method forward every coronary heart needs.

Be The Gift

Be the Gift is a tender invite into the next step associated with deeper transformation, much less stress, more pleasure and abundantly a lot more peace & objective. You only get one lifetime to love well…to Function as the Gift.

upon repeat this week: Exactly where I’ m Standing up Now

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… prayer isn’t about getting what you desperately want,
but about getting more of the One Who frantically wants you.

What if we all bravely lived what we humbly pray:
Your kingdom arrive —
not really our kingdom.
Your will be performed —
not ours.
Your story be written —
not really our way, but Your way, because You solely are The Way.
Because you alone are God — and we are not.

Plus our problems fade in the light of Your gentle face, Your own tender embrace….

[excerpted from our little Facebook family … come join us each day?]

Challenge to fully live!

That’ s all with this weekend, friends.

Proceed slow. Be God-struck. Grant grace. Live Truth.

Give Thank you. Love well. Re – joy, re- joy, ‘ re- joys’ again

Reveal Whatever Is Good.