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The La Carte (August 18)

May the Lord bless and keep you these days.

How Afghan Pastors Reflect on God’s Sovereignty

Writing designed for TGC, Mark Morris writes about Afghan pastors. “ In early July, Afghan pastors and church frontrunners made a difficult decision. They decided to officially register their trust with the Afghan authorities. What an absurdity to register as Christians in an Islamic republic that prohibits a person from converting to Christianity! Against the assistance of many, these Afghan church leaders experienced compelled, for the sake of long term generations, to legally declare their correct faith in Christ. ”

Take Care About Referring to Things That Don’t Issue Here

This is an important representation from Darryl Dash. “ I love reading theology and about issues and personalities. I read over a hundred blogs and read journals. I have opinions regarding many issues that are swirling around evangelicalism and the world. Most of my people do not care. ”

The Real World?

Nick Batzig says that “ t this individual sad reality is that even though many potificate more than fabricated evils on social media in the Western world, the better part of those battling extreme suffering in the Middle East, North Korea, and Africa never ever get a voice on social media. Most of what we rant about within our bubble is child’ s play compared to the real evils of a fallen world. ”

When God Provides Apples

Lauren Washer creates about apples . and discouragement.

The Broken Church Light

This is a well-told story from Doug Eaton.

She Is Broken, and She Is Beautiful

Glenna Marshall’ s church, like yours and mine, is both broken and beautiful.

Further Upward and Further In

“ Regardless of how long we live or how much all of us study, we will never come to the end in our knowledge of God. The greater we learn, the deeper our connection with God becomes. We will never know every there is to know, since there is always something greater, something richer, the other more glorious to become experienced. ”

Flashback: several Keys To a Powerful Prayer Life

Christian, find a quiet place and also a quiet time where you can tranquil your heart just before God. These are the keys to effective prayer, to effective personal devotions.

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