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The La Carte (August 17)

May the Our god of love plus peace be together with you today.

(Yesterday within the blog: Success Beyond What We Can Handle)

Return of the Taliban

Mindy Belz’ s article from WORLD is now several days old, and hence considerably out-of-date, but really does explain some of the framework to the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan.

Afghan Pastors Ask for Prayer

And talking about Afghanistan, here are plea requests from Christians within the country. “ As Taliban energies have swallowed up Afghanistan and even at this point the capital city of Kabul, pastors in the country are already emailing and messaging me over the last couple of days, even hours, stressed for prayer. ” (See also: Pray for Afghanistan simply by Lisa LaGeorge)

Archaeologists Discover Evidence of Biblical Earthquake

Aaron Earls: “ Initially, archaeologists have unearthed evidence to have an earthquake Old Testament prophets mentioned and compared to finish times events. ”

Do not Trust Your Feelings, Also Your Worst Dope Sermons Bring Beauty To God

Stephen Kneale says “ we shouldn’t assume that our feelings give us any actual insight into what the Master might be doing. Rather, we should preach the term with confidence – however, ones we feel are right duffers. ” Which will remind me, the Uk have the best slang, rivaled perhaps just by the Aussies.

Exactly why Obedience in Small Things Means Every thing

“ Don’t do something ideal for God; do something small. Be committed to consistently following Jesus in the little things that can prove to be significant in the long run. ”

The Suspicion associated with Science

I have been thinking a reasonable bit about the suspicion of science among Christians and what we are able to do about it. This informative article from TGC Australia has some ideas. “ To begin, remember one of our basic presumptions about the world; God both created the universe and wrote the Scriptures, so there should be no discord between the truth about creation and God’s word in the Scriptures. ”

Watch Some of the Best Movie Microscopy in the World (Video)

There is a whole world to be discovered beneath high-powered microscopes and hd video (as Scientific American displays here).

Flashback: It’s Just Money

Our convictions regarding money will influence some of the expenses you decide to use to take on, but it will not make our bills go away and won’t do much to mitigate the fact that life is just plain costly.

We must never become silent when we will require to speak. We must in no way speak when we must be silent. —J. R. Burns