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The La Carte (August 16)

Good morning. May elegance and peace end up being with you today and in the week forward.

There are listed a few new Kindle deals and hope to add some more in the morning.

(Yesterday on the blog: The Parent’s Prayer pertaining to Obedience)

Of Thoughts and Machines: Transhumanism and the Christian

Christopher Brown has written a fascinating essay on transhumanism. If you don’ big t know the term, you most likely should.

Rejection That Cuts Deep

“ I have arrived at believe that rejection plus separation from your child is one of the most painful experiences to carry. ” So says Kath Thomas. Many mother and father would tearfully concur.

5 Questions about Cathedral Membership

Jonathan Leeman: “ Let me start right here: the local church may be the authority on earth that will Jesus has instituted to officially affirm and give shape to a Christian life plus yours. Just as Jesus instituted the state, so he instituted the neighborhood church. It is an institutional authority since Jesus instituted it with authority. ”

Redemptive Regret

Rut Etheridge III: “ Maybe you’ve seen a meme that says something like this: ‘ Don’t ever regret your own past decisions. At one time, they were what you wished. ’ This emboldening counsel is no doubt born of deeply pain. It offers emotional and ethical self-defense as we process an individual history of questionable choices. Yet this morality is, in every sense of the phrase, self-righteous. And self-righteousness is certainly never a good way of self-defense. ”

Seek Oneness, Fear the Lord, and Wash Your Hands

“ I am in no way an expert for the medical aspects of COVID-19. What I do know can be our enemy, Satan, loves to take times of crisis plus divide people simply by steering them toward extremes. ” Daniel Seabaugh encourages Christians away from polarizing extreme conditions.

10 Safeguards for Chapel Nurseries and Children’s Ministry

This is simple, common sense, and crucial stuff.

The reason why Afghanistan Is Impossible to Conquer (Video)

This particular video is a couple of weeks and, hence, already out of date. Still, this helpfully explains why Afghanistan is extremely hard to conquer.

Flashback: The strength Over Christian Publishing We’ve Given To Amazon

All of us cannot be shocked whenever non-Christians are affronted or offended by genuinely Christian ideas. We cannot requirement of non-Christians any more than of Christian believers that they violate mind to sell materials they consider repugnant.

Do for duty’s sake what you are not able to do as a satisfaction, and you will find it gets delightful. —F. B. Meyer