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One of the Stupidest Things Used to do in 44 Years of Marriage

I’ve already changed the title of this article once.

It was initially “The Stupidest Factor I Did in 44 Years of Marriage. ” Then I started thinking of so many dumb elements I have done in the married life. I couldn’t be certain which one of the 537 acts of stupidity should be number 1. They are all up right now there.

This issue, even though, is near the top, if not the top.

What is that stupid thing I did within marriage? To be very clear, I have not accomplished this act of stupidity one time, several times. Too many situations. You would think I would learn by now. The stupid act? I tried to win arguments with my wife.

Don’t ask me how many arguments I incited. That’s not the main point. The big problem is that I attempted to win the arguments. So , why is that so stupid? Allow me to cite but a couple of reasons.

1 ) It makes my wife an object of competition rather than adoration. I have a competitive spirit. Okay, Excellent very competitive spirit. But God failed to give me my wife in order to compete with her. This individual gave me my wife to fit her. When I refer to winning a marital argument, I am saying that my ego is more important than the marriage.

2 . Trying to win may bring out the worst in me. It exacerbates my fury. It augments the selfishness. It satisfies the “for much better or worse” relationship clause, except this leaves out “better. ” I am neither a good nor godly man when I attempt to win a marital argument.

3 or more. I do not pay attention when I’m seeking to win. I devalue my wife by not necessarily listening to her viewpoint when I try to win arguments. I am focused on my following line of argumentation rather than trying to hear the girl view. My activities communicate clearly to my wife that she actually is not worth you a chance to give her the full attention.

4. Most marital arguments are never solved by rationalization. I know you’ve seen those people incessant arguments on social media, particularly Facebook. Many people are convinced that their own rational thought pattern will win the morning. I’ve never observed it happen. After i try to win an argument with my wife, I realize the solution as one within my head instead of a single in her heart. Instead of winning the girl, I want to win the minute for myself.

5. My wife is correct more times than I am. That’s one of the stupidest reasons for me personally to try to win the particular argument. Can I really win when I are wrong? She is wiser and more godly than I am. Why should I think for a moment I really have something to lord over the girl?

Okay, it may not be the stupidest factor I’ve done in 44 years of marriage. But it sure is one of the stupidest.

And here is the sad part. Each time I come away from an argument convinced There are the upper hand, I have lost already. I use told my wife that my ego, the selfishness, and the desires are more important than she is.

And if that’s not stupid, I don’t understand what is.

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