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Weekend A La Carte (August 14)

May you understand the Lord’s sweetest blessings as you provide and worship your pet this weekend.

There are some classics listed in today’ s Kindle deals.

(Yesterday in the blog: A Mid-August Family Update)

Just Call Me Old-Fashioned

“ Many people who would tag themselves a progressive Christian—which is an zusammenstellung einander widersprechender begriffe, if we can be honest—would paint those who think the whole Bible as fundamentalists. Or old-fashioned. Either way, whatever term they use is meant as being a pejorative. ”

Blasphemy and the Church

Justin Poythress says that “ when there is any commandment that is broken more consistently, habitually, historically, and egregiously by Christian believers than by non-Christians, it is the third commandment. ”

Godless Productivity

“ Obtain proper sleep. Arrange your day. Get physical exercise. Watch your diet. Limit distractors. Draw boundaries. Get outside. Keep a calendar. Evaluation each day. Set attainable goals. Say “no” to good things. Remove from screens. So run secular productivity and self-help books… ”

Ligonier Ministries

Ligonier Ministries has launched a beautiful new site. It’ s worth spending some time on it plus exploring the many (many! ) resources.

What Does This Mean to Pray ‘Hallowed Be Your Name’?

Colin Smith describes that “ to pray ‘hallowed become Your name’ means to ask God to let His name be worshipped, exalted, honored, and adored in the world as it is in heaven. It is to ask Our god to so move and act on earth, that people will worship and treasure Your pet above all else. ”

Tolerance Converted Upside Down

These are not brand new insights, but they continue to be applicable. “ When I was an atheist, I thought Christianity has been immoral and harmful. Anything but agreement plus acceptance of others, including their ideas plus moral choices, had been intolerant. I thought it was intolerant to be a Christian. But is this what intolerance means? ”

Statements Made About Bad thing


Flashback: The Patient Mercy of a Holy God

Mercy is not really something God owes to us—by definition mercy cannot be owed—but is something Lord extends in kindness and grace to those who do not are worthy of it.

Without God as an ultimate standard of truth, all we now have are “truths” as interpreted by individuals. To each their own. You do you. It’s no wonder we are right now as confused once we are. Do away with Our god, and you do away with reality. —Brett McCracken