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A La Carte (August 11)

Good morning. May the Lord bless and keep a person today.

Westminster Books includes a deal this week on the new Bible tale book for children.

There are just a few Kindle deals to look at today.

How Can Jonathan Edwards Personal Slaves?

In this article, John Piper wrestles through the fact that his hero, Jonathan Edwards, owned slaves.

Is It Complicated Or Could it be Difficult?

“ When we have trouble, we moderns tend to look for something to fix it with. Can we buy a gadget, download an app, or find a way to fix our issue? Rather, the old knowledge was that we should change ourselves. Instead of aiming to conform the world in order to ourselves, we should see how we can develop ourselves into the sort of person who can deal with these situations. ”

Register for Getty Music Sing! Within Christ Alone Meeting

The Getty Music Sing! In Christ Alone worship conference is coming up fast—September 13 – 15! This year the event is definitely live and in-person in Nashville, Tn. If you haven’ big t yet registered, there is no better time compared to now! Use the program code CHALLIES to get 30% off. (Sponsored)

Themelios 46. 2

Those interested in a few deep theological reading through may want to look at the brand new issue of Themelios which is there for the taking.

Mark Zuckerberg’s Metaphysical Machinations

This article from The United states Conservative has some interesting (and concerning) thoughts about Facebook as well as the metaverse. “ The average person now spends a big part of their lifestyle living on the internet. However , once the metaverse arrives, users will live out their particular lives within the internet. Indeed, in it. ”

I Need You to Read Your Holy bible

Glenna Marshall explains the reason why we need to read the Bibles not just with regard to ourselves but for the individuals we love.

Not So Fearless

“ People look at where you’ve been. Or where you’re going. Noticing which trials have whipped or trudged through your existence. And then decide you’ve got unusual fortitude. Bravery. Perseverance to withstand. ‘ You’re so brave. I could never do that. ’ I am not so brave. ”

Flashback: The New/Old Way Our Culture Pressures All of us To Conform

Through the combination Jesus Christ had taken our guilt to provide us innocence, this individual bore our pity to give us reverance, he overcame Satan to take away our own fear and give all of us power.

It is best to mourn just for sin than for the consequences. —F. B. Meyer