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7 Thoughts on Managing Issue as a Leader

Being a leader, there are many occasions I feel like the schlichter between opposing opinions. I’m steering our team towards a common, contributed vision, but there is a myriad of opinions in how we accomplish the vision. This occasionally causes conflict. Managing conflict as a leader is a critical part of generating healthy cultures.

Conflict is many times seen as a sign of unhealthiness on the team. I have learned, however , never to be afraid of issue on a team. In fact , I think it can be healthy for the team if dealt with correctly. It keeps pressure from building unnecessarily, simply because emotions plus opinions were hidden rather than addressed. It brings new tips to the table and welcomes input through everyone. When issue is ignored or even stifled, it makes people feel devalued plus controlled.

What I’ ve also learned – some through painful experience – may be the way I handle conflict when it develops will go a long way in the direction of allowing the disagreement to work for the overall good of the team.

Part of the leader’ s work is to learn to better manage conflict instead of attempting to kill them.

7 thoughts on managing discord as a leader:

Interfere sparingly

I do not take sides incompatible anymore than I have to, even when I have my own opinion. If the issue isn’t a vision issue, and it seems to be resolving on it’s own, I’ve discovered it is best if I permit the process to take it’s course. When the leader gets involved in issue it takes on a new life – frequently unnecessarily.

Listen meticulously

When I do get involved, it is vital all edges of the conflict really feel heard. I have to pay attention to all opinions plus attempt to understand their own real concerns. Normally there are valid factors with every viewpoint. It is also important I hear not only what exactly is said, but also what is unspoken. This requires asking questions, getting to know the associates of my team (most of this happens before conflict originates), and not assuming I realize what people are thinking by simply what they say. Understanding the basis of turmoil and the opposing opinions is critical to comprehending the conflict.

Communicate freely

During times of conflict, it’s even more important communication be clear and consistent. Many times, conflict is just due to a lack of clarity or miscommunication . Information often makes conflict easier to solve. As leader, element of my responsibility is usually making sure the team communicates effectively, freely and honestly.

Detect the deeper issues

Conflict develops for several reasons – not all of them good. Beyond miscommunication, conflict also develops over strength struggles, weak leadership, or simply personality differences. Discerning the nature of the conflict and if there exists a root issue (often unspoken or undefined) helps me avoid trying to solve the particular perceived conflict, when the real issue is something completely different.

Monitor the impact

As I said, conflict in along with itself is not bad, but part of my job is making sure conflict on a group doesn’t begin to damage rather than promote wellness of the team plus it’s members. When individuals begin to assault each other personally, behave in anger, type sides within the team, or distract from progress, it’s time for the leader in order to interfere.

Protect the particular Vision

Ultimately, my job as a head is to maintain the honesty of the vision. Discord can enhance or interfere with attaining the particular vision. My work is to continually immediate the team’s interest back to our purpose. I have found, also by means of experience, the more aligned we are around a contributed, common vision, the particular less we conflict and the more healthy the particular team operates collectively. We can even ignore minor disagreements, mainly because we are energized towards the overall objective.

Don’t be afraid of conflict on a group. Good leaders learn how to manage it for the eventual good from the team.

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