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A La Carte (August 9)

Good morning. Grace plus peace to you today and in the week ahead.

The Great Revival That will M’Cheyne Missed

This is this kind of interesting and important little anecdote through church history.

God Talk 101

It’ s easy stuff, this, but still a good reminder that simplest is often greatest. “ I want to recommend a simple God-talk expression that every Christian may use in conversation with non-Christian work co-workers, friends and family…”

Do not be ‘Authentic’

Mark Loughridge: “ Obviously I believe in being honest plus genuine, but often ‘authenticity’ is much less about being sincere and more a justification for doing what we should want despite the needs of others around all of us. It is the great whitewash agent of the 21st century, used to excuse a lot. ”

Our Family Worship Time

Occasionally the best way to learn how to perform family devotions, or to learn how to freshen up, is by fake. “ Even though family worship is not at all times often a portrait of tranquility, and even though we haven’t mastered the art of making sure we fulfill every single day for it, household worship is a regular part of our family’s life together. I believed I would give a peek into our instances together—not to provide a template to replicate, but to give some ideas if you are looking to begin or tweak your own family’s habit of gathering in order to worship together regularly. ”

Does God Really Protect Us Through Evil?

“ Does Our god really protect us from evil? As believers in the The almighty of the Bible, we all love the blessings of protection given in Scripture. We create bookmarks, fridge magnets and even bumper stickers out of them. ” Yet sometimes all of us do wonder…

Spiritual Weariness and Chasing a sense

“ I did what they informed me to do. I remaining my phone lying around forgotten, I read more, I attempted to be present, I had taken naps. But in late vacation, my eyes were wet with tears as I poured away my heart to a sweet husband. I was both longing for the particular normalcy of home and dreading this. I didn’t feel inspired or ready to get back to work. I’m still burnt away. ”

Typos, Tricks Plus Misprints

How did the English language become so weird and thus inconsistent? This article explains.

Flashback: Why Satan Is really Skillful at Attractive Us to Sin

Satan is a formidable foe. He opposes all those who are created in the image of God and is bent on their finish and utter destruction.

The world nowadays needs nothing more than genuine Christ-likeness in people who bear Christ’s name… —J. R. Miller