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Weekend break A La Carte (August 7)

May god of peace bless you richly this particular weekend.

Let me offer an additional reminder that my forthcoming devotional book Knowing and Savoring God is now available for pre-order. Thanks for great deal of thought!

Today’ s Kindle deals include some newer books and some older books.

(Yesterday for the blog: We Can not be Faultless (But May Still Be Blameless))

Netflix’s ‘Pray Away’ Seethes With Contempt designed for Christianity

“ Netflix’s most recent original documentary, Pray Away —about the reparative therapy company Exodus International—is another thinly veiled strike on Christianity by Hollywood. ” So says Becket Cook writing for TGC.

Thirty-five Questions for Growing old a Christian Marriage

These types of could be some good and helpful conversation factors.

Every thing Important

“ I invite you, Christ-follower, to quiet your soul. Turn down the volume. Leave from the chatter; the soul crushing views of this world. Look for a quiet space, designed for only you and your Bible. ”

He Gave Gifts So That We Will Not really Die

“ Persecution can be coming. Wolves within sheep’s clothing are usually coming. Suffering, waking up, complexity, breakthrough. How do i wish that you become just like me once i know that our differences are divinely ordained to ensure that we might face these problems faithfully? No, when everyone on the team was ” cable ” just like me, we might all die too early – metaphorically, and perhaps even literally. ”

How Politics Has Changed Religion In America

Bruce Ashford explains how national politics has begun to replace religious beliefs in America. “ America has always been more carefully devout than other Western democracies. But now, like them, they have begun to secularize rapidly. And, as religion has dropped, political ideology provides intensified, society provides fragmented, and social common ground provides disintegrated. As a result, national politics is increasingly divisive and existentially filled. ”

De Periculo Controversiae (On the Danger of Controversy)

Michael Haykin: “ These men and a number of other godly women and men of that era knew the dangers of biblical controversy, though there was some people who, by way of a public speech, seemed to live for a theological brouhaha. ”

Flashback: The Book Glutton

Practice generosity rather than gluttony simply by holding to your publications with open hands rather than closed fingers.

Since the fear of the Lord develops, it outgrows, eclipses, consumes, and destroys all rival worries. —Michael Reeves