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The La Carte (August 5)

Good morning. May our creator bless and keep a person throughout this day.

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Today’ t Kindle deals include Crossway’ s “ Student’ s Guide” series of short publications.

(Yesterday on the weblog: Who Gave You The Right? )

My good friend Shala

Melissa reflects within the death of a buddy. “ The last period I saw Shala personally, I knew it would probably be the last time. She looked so great, so beautiful therefore like herself. The lady said, ‘ I hope we get a chance to visit again. ’ And I knew precisely what she meant: this could be our last minute together on this planet. ”

Why Pastors Would Do Well to Stay In Our Lane

Mike Leake encourages pastors to stay in their particular lane. “ I am sharing this story to make a stage that I hope additional pastors will pay attention to. I’m convinced that we do great harm to our ministries whenever we fail to stay in our own lane. For one, we are able to end up losing reliability in the important things because we were wrong upon lesser things. Second of all, we can do real harm to others by giving poor advice within areas we shouldn’t be advising in. Lastly, we are trembling hands with an ideology that will inevitably cut our own legs out from under us. ”

Focusing On What I Can Measure

“ I got a watch recently that counts my footsteps. Just for my whole life I have never had a idea about the number of techniques I take each day, but now I know, and all sorts of a sudden I care. If I reach my goal number, I feel good. If I don’t, I feel less good. ” There’ s great spiritual application to this.

The right way to Inhabit an Unraveling Culture

Jonathan Dodson: “ Instead of getting formed by the knowledge of the past (including the biblical wisdom to be quick to pay attention and slow in order to speak), we react as if all that issues is an intense, underinformed, unreflective now . Fully engrossed in the trending arguments and rage cycles of the moment—and unwilling to let the past give us perspective or pause—we give rise to the rapid unraveling of society. ”

Book Review: Preachers N Sneakers

I don’ t care to read the particular book Preachers N Shoes , but was glad to read this review. “ The particular leaders of many cool megachurches these days not just dress like celebrities, they hang using them. Depending on the day, it seems like about a dozen individuals claim to be pastoring Justin Bieber. What does it mean when pastors circulate in elite entertainment circles and sometimes emulate those circles? What does it mean when Christian conferences turn evangelists into rock stars? ”

Fifteen Pointers for Preachers

Brian Najapfour has a bunch of helpful little pointers pertaining to preachers.

Bobbie, The Wonder Canine Who Walked two, 500 Miles in order to Home

I’ m sure you’ ve heard this story before, but it’ h fun to read it again.

Flashback: Is Whitened Fragility a Helpful Resource for Christians?

This is a bad book and one that is unlikely to provide Christians as we think about issues related to competition, racism, and racial reconciliation. In what comes after I will simply give a few reasons I’m convinced it’s a good unhelpful and unbiblical book.

Sometimes the growing Alfredia sinks under a sense of sin so miserable that he desires he could tear open his chest, grab out his sin-blackened heart, and fling it as not even close to himself as possible. —Donald Whitney