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How long Your Donation Complements Fight the New Medication

Grab the Quit the Demand tee in this header image by clicking right here. 5 minute examine.

We know that you have the option to back up thousands of different nonprofits and we want to take a moment and thank you from your bottom of our hearts, for being our Fighters and for choosing to contribute to stopping the demand for lovemaking exploitation by partnering with us.

The bottom line is, you support our bottom line.

From our very beginning in 2009, to where we are now, we might be nowhere without our Fighters, and we are so grateful for that support we obtain from each and every one of you who are repping the movement plus sharing our resources with your friends, family members, and society. With every “ discuss, ” “ such as, ” and opinion, our movement grows, and with every monetary gift and tee clothing purchase, it grows a little bit more—and the more we can grow this movement for appreciate through education, the more we can decrease the particular demand for porn and sexual exploitation.

A single huge way you can partner with us these days is by giving on-line through our donation portal, or clicking on the button beneath.


Here’ s ways to do it. Click here to go to our official FTND donate page.

Another way to assistance the fight against sex exploitation is to turn out to be an FTND insider with Fighter Golf club.

In case you consider yourself a supporter and you’re searching for a way to join those people going above and beyond to spread the word on porn’s harms, we all invite you to acquire us in raising recognition around the world on a monthly basis through joining our Fighter Club. Joining is simple, and you get some quite incredible perks, as well! Check it out and see in case it’ s something you’ d love to get involved with.

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What do your own donations support?

Your donations and store purchases from Fighters exactly like you directly mobilize the education and attention campaigns, and that support has allowed us to achieve hundreds of thousands of people by means of live presentations, and tens of millions of people all over the world through social media. Moreover, our present plus future projects will hopefully continue to educate vast numbers of individuals and add to this tidal wave of interpersonal change.

So when you decide to support this organization, what exactly are you contributing to? How is creating a donation, or giving Fighter Club, or even grabbing a first tee from our online store the way for you to contribute to this particular movement?

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Since Fighters all over the world have generously agreed to partner with us in distributing the word on the causes harm to of porn, we would like to be clear about just how far every donation goes, and why your support is so massively essential in continuing to provide a platform to the life-changing research that demonstrates the harmful impacts of porno.

By choosing to positively support Fight the New Drug today, listed below are the projects you’ ll be helping to make possible.

Globalization: getting the word out

There might be the best, most comprehensive and credible information from the best sources, in case we don’ to share it and give it a system, no one will know about it. That’ s the reason why developing and making quality, sharable assets is a vital plus necessary part of this particular movement, and that’ s why your part in our mobilization is so important.

The mobilization of our efforts around the world is who we have been, at the core: an awareness campaign and an academic platform that shines a light on pornography’ s harms. We now have spent countless hours and consulted with many experts in developing applications that will best reach people around the world, and educate on the reason why porn is damaging to individuals, relationships, and society. Our objective is to make sure anyone can access this information, so we’ ve gathered it and optimized it pertaining to sharing and conversation-starting.

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The particular resources our Practitioners donate go directly into making these things probable!

Our Three-Part Documentary Series | Brain, Heart Globe is Battle the New Drug’ s i9000 three-part documentary collection. Through the generosity of our supporters, not only were we able to create this incredible resource, but also offer this for free to watch regarding private viewings.

The Translated Websites | Also included in our globalization efforts are the ongoing translation tasks, which involve skillfully translating select FTND materials and resources into other different languages. Right now, you can entry select FTND sources in French, Portuguese, Spanish, and German born! And now, you can also watch our three-part documentary, Brain, Heart, World , with Spanish subtitles.

The Blog & Research Articles | Mobilization initiatives also include our blog that has over 1, 300 articles, all focusing around how porn is connected to sexual intercourse trafficking, relationship dissatisfaction, and harms to consumers of porn. Additionally , we have additional collaborative efforts including partnering with experts and experts in writing our Get the Details articles and getting the word out on social media with professional writers, influencers, and experts.

Social Media Awareness Advertisments | FTND’s ever-growing online existence continues to be one of the most identified aspects of our organization, and something that raises consciousness by educating millions of people each year. Behind each post, every twitter update, every video, each blog is an entire team of people dedicated to making sure that we’ re delivering the best, the majority of accurate and relevant information available to the public relating to porn’ ersus harms. Anyone can follow us upon Facebook, Instagram, Tweets, TikTok, Pinterest, and YouTube.

At the end of the day, this wouldn’ t be a global movement without everyone, and when you support FTND, you’ re tangibly giving further power to the facts that will society desperately must hear.

Schooling: Raising awareness and empowering youth

We believe that one of the greatest ways to reduce the demand to get pornography, sexual exploitation, and human trafficking is through education. We share the facts with our target audience, youth, and teens, simply by traveling around the world.

Our ambassadors and presenters provide informative and quality presentations to a selection of different audience exactly where we share sources to help educate our world on this issue. Plus our current plus past programs and projects are just the start of our efforts to teach the world, and they made possible by support from people like you, all around the globe.

Live Demonstration Program | Battle the New Drug’s reside assembly program is one of the most effective and powerful tools for our cause. Having the opportunity to become face-to-face with hundreds and hundreds of youth, parents, community leaders, and teachers all across the country every year, is a huge indicator of how many schools plus communities are becoming a member of the movement and agreeing that porn material is a huge issue for this generation.

Due to the COVID-19 2019 pandemic in 2020 through 2021, we were unable to present to institutions in-person.

But in 2019, our presentation tours brought us in front of a lot more teens and grown ups than ever before in more countries, and the response has been amazing.

The strength of providing the engaging multimedia presentation in schools and communities all across the country was and continues to be immediately apparent, resulting in more connections, awareness, and education exactly where it’s needed many.

We’ re looking forward to continuing to present in-person when it is safe to do so with an all-new updated presentation.

Live Presentations

Human brain, Heart World, Our Documentary Series | This three-part film series educates young viewers about how porn affects individuals through a combination of interesting humor, relatable individual stories and the very clear presentation of details. “The Brain” delves into the scientific research that illustrates the particular physiological and neurological harms pornography has on individuals. “The Heart” explores pornography’s impacts on romantic associations, and on platonic human relationships such as those with buddies, family, and everyday interpersonal connections. “The World” highlights porn’s impact on society in lots of ways, including porn’s inextricable connection to the global issue of sex trafficking. Dozens of experts perform a fantastic job of explaining the research when it comes to that young people may understand. You might giggle. You might cry. You’ll definitely think.

Just click here to view all 3 episodes for free! We all can’ t wait for you to see the academic tool you’ ve helped us develop with your support, and your continued support assists in keeping this resource liberated to view and share!

BHW - General

Think about Before Consuming, a Podcast by Combat the New Drug | In 2019, we added a brand new resource to our expanding list of educational sources: Fight the New Drug’s first-ever podcast. In each episode of Consider Before Eating, we discuss the science and analysis behind the unwanted effects of pornography so we can better be familiar with issue and help connect people with the reality they need to make the best decision on porn.

The host, Garrett Jonsson, interviews an expert, public figure, trafficking or mistreatment survivor, or fellow Fighter about their thoughts or individual experience surrounding this topic in each unique episode. You may laugh, you might weep, but you’ll certainly think about how porn influences the world around you.

Subscribe to Think about Before Consuming wherever a person listen to podcasts. Click below to learn more about which platforms we all stream from.


Obtain the Facts, our research-based articles | As being a research-based movement, high quality sources and reputable information are priceless. Because of our supporters’ generosity, we have been able to spend the time and resources to produce fifteen quality research-based content articles as a core reference of ours that explain how porn has been shown to adversely impact consumers, human relationships, and society.

Get The Facts

Let’s Discuss Porn: A Conversation Blueprint | Our own most comprehensive on the internet conversation guide however, Let’s Talk About Porn. Every day, we’re messaged and emailed simply by countless individuals through all around the world, asking how they can start discussions about porn along with loved ones or other people. No matter who you might like to talk to for what reason regarding porn, we’ve obtained your back.

We’ve got online conversation guides just for parents, partners, buddies, kids, and other people. Explore the site by clicking the image beneath!

Conversation Blueprint

TruthAboutPorn. org | Now, you can evaluate countless research studies through major institutions that will detail the dangerous effects of porn. Think of it like an aggregated research site, filled with video interviews associated with experts from all over the world in diverse academic fields. The next time you do have a research project or need the raw textual content from studies, free from commentary, check out TruthAboutPorn. org. Our Practitioners made this useful resource happen!

Truth About Porn

Learn. FTND. org | When Fight the New Drug started we knew that we required to produce a media-rich, video-based, simple website exactly where youth could simply digest research and be entertained while nevertheless learning about porn’ t very real harms. In addition to our current website that receives tens of millions of site visitors a year, we launched ftnd. org/overview. It’ s a website that will encompasses that earlier educational vision, and hope to continue to develop similar resources in the future.

At this point, teens aren’t anticipated to read through pages plus pages of content articles, and they can still get educated through a more dynamic and relatable medium.

Movie projects | Visual media is one of the most powerful storytelling and teaching mediums. Since our start in 2009, we have made it a priority to deliver comprehensive and engaging storytelling and information-packed resources through the videos. Donations plus support from Practitioners make it possible to interview the leading experts and researchers on this problem all over the world, as well as provide visibility to the tales of survivors of trafficking and abuse and those who have overcome a struggle against porn.

Every single day, we’ re thrilled by the potential we all know projects like these need to reach individuals around the world with the facts, plus they all depend on the particular support of Practitioners like you. What we’ ve listed here is just the start of what we’ re working on.

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Thank you, Fighters

There are many some other ongoing and future projects that we’ re continuing to produce and share, and they wouldn’ t be achievable without your support and your continued choice to partner with us in this fight for really like.

Through whatever means you’ re able to, assisting this organization generally is representing the stand you’ re consuming against porn as well as the stand you’ re taking to fight for real love. If you want to continue to further the particular impact you’ re making, make sure to have got conversations, share the research we’ ve put together and spread the particular movement to family and friends, bring us to provide in your community. Most of these things, no matter how little they seem, create a huge difference and create the dent in this issue that you can experience by means of real social modify.


And if you have the means to do so, make sure you consider grabbing a Fighter tee, joining the Fighter Club with a recurring gift, or make a one-time donation to this attention campaign today, to ensure that together we can continue to make an active difference within millions of lives.

Thank you, Fighters, for your continued enthusiasm for this cause, and for supporting and partnering with us however you can. We’ re just getting started, and we are so honored to have such a motivated plus continually growing neighborhood of loyal supporters.

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End up being the Movement

Today, consider making an impact with Combat the New Drug. Acquire us via Jet fighter Club or a one-time donation. Together, our voices are noisy in speaking out against sexual exploitation and porn’ s harms.

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