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The La Carte (August 4)

Good morning. May god bless and keep a person today.

Nine Years, 782, 000 Words Afterwards, South Carolina Woman Finishes Handwritten Bible

This is a lovely story of a particular young woman who also wrote out the entire Bible by hand.

How Simone Biles Helps All of us Understand Eric Liddell

We are glad that Jordan Standridge thought of this particular similarity between Eric Liddell and Simone Biles.

NASB Adventure Bible Sweepstakes – Enter to Win!

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Who Loves You?

“ It seems so simple when we state our wedding vows or hold our own babies close. Fairly sweet feelings fill all of us and we vow that our love will be more powerful than those who arrived before us. Plus then…”

How Faith Prays in the Dark

“ I can just speculate what may have passed through the thoughts of the Jewish frontrunners as they heard the very last of Jesus’s last words. Yet I have no doubt the words, ‘ Father, into your hands I actually commit my soul, ’ were expectant with meaning through the entire psalm once the Word cried them out. ”

The Art of Sketching the Line in Speaking

“ When I was being taught to preach three decades ago now, one of our seminary professors regularly said in homiletics class, ‘ The art of good preaching is definitely knowing where to pull the line. ’ Beyond a catchy method to capture our attention, he was teaching us an important truth about preaching. ” Indeed.

Why Your Holiday Is So Expensive Come july 1st (Video)

In case you’ ve been wondering, when i have.

Flashback: The Lingering Stench of Bad thing

The problem with sin is that it is too dreadful, too ugly, too pernicious to allow solutions which are perfectly clean and nice. Instead, a stink lingers in the aftermath of any great sin.

The risen Lord with your life and well within heaven today is not really somehow less approachable and less caring than he has been when he wandered the earth. —Dane Ortlund