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The Parent’s Prayer for Obedience

A couple of times now I’ ve mentioned Kathleen Nielson’s new set of prayer books just for parents. Through four short volumes the lady provides prayers for parents of young kids, of teens, of young adults, and of mature children. I’ ve already shared “A Parent’s Prayer for an Unbelieving Child” and “ A Plea for a Wanderer” from the books about parenting young adults and mature children, and this period thought I’ m share “A Prayer for Obedience” from the book about raising a child young children. I think mother and father will find it the blessing as they think about how to pray for their little ones.

I hope for open ear

in my beloved sinful child—

and, from the mouth, words smart and clear.

I pray, Lord, for your Spirit’s work

in order to soften her heart at the point of choice— and, with regard to my part, a godly life that lights the way.

I hope for her repentance whenever she fails,

a soul open to forgiveness—

and, from our heart, like your own, a ready store.

I pray for discipline to grow within her,

habits of heeding your Word’s call—

and, when i guide, unfailing meekness and strength a person.

We pray for her to seek the Savior,

righteous one who demonstrated obedience full and true— and, as I point to Jesus, allow me to show his existence in me.

I hope that she would find out happiness

of one who trusts and who obeys—

and, leading, might I show great are your commands.