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7 Practical Ways to Prep for Fall

I’m not a prophet or the son of the prophet, but the gut tells me this fall is going to be massive for our churches. Households are returning through vacation, people are returning into routines, along with a global pandemic seems to be waning.

All of that means that church car port and pews will be fuller than these were during summer … or maybe anytime in the last year and a half. In normal years with our church, we all typically see a 30-35% attendance bump from the end of July to mid-August.

So how can you take advantage of the next few weeks to become prepared for the influx of guests? Listed here are seven ways:

Refresh your you are not selected training.

Go back to the basics with your current vols. Remind them exactly why your team is present . Whether you’ re meeting with all of them in person or giving text / email updates, spend a couple of minutes over the next couple of weekends helping your volunteers get their heads back in the game. [Related post: Need an Inexpensive Option for Team Training? ]

Invite new comers to serve.

New guests imply new opportunities for the members to step-up their game. Invite all of your current vols to shoulder-tap their particular friends. If your presence numbers bump by 1/3 like ours, make it a personal objective to bump your volunteer numbers with the same. [Related post: 20 Ways to Get More Volunteers ]

Review your systems.

Sure, you remember the final time when a wide range of people showed up and you also had to seat them in the lobby or park them on the business down the street. But now, how will you prepare depending on what you know? Now is the time to pull out the particular playbook and speak to your team about what may happen when (not when ) additional space is required. (And please, let’ s not really call it overflow . That’ s what toilets do. ) [Related post: 10 Ways to Make Your Seating Team More Effective ]

Practice a foreign language.

How will you greet your guests whenever they arrive? Sure, you may cover this with your volunteers … but what about the people onstage? How will your worship leader encourage individuals to scoot in as soon as worship has already started? How will your lead pastor greet the throngs, acknowledge the particular bump, and ask them back? How will your announcement guy give practical next steps? [Related post: Six Times to Talk to Your Guests ]

Look at your supplies.

Are you experiencing enough first time visitor gifts? Worship guides? Information cards? Communion cups? Now is the time to order them. [Related post: First Time Guest Bags: An Intro ]

Clean it up.

Don’ t overlook your facility or your parking great deal. Take a minute to walk around this week and spot what needs to be fixed or freshened up: remove these VBS posters; marijuana that flower mattress; windex that reception door. [Related post: Pick Up Your Junk ]


This isn’ t the last vacation resort, but the first. Whenever we believe for a minute that the guest experience rises and falls on a clean facility and well-trained volunteers, we deceive ourselves. No, we must hope for the Holy Nature to compel people to come, to open their own eyes to the gospel, and to woo them into a relationship along with Jesus. [Related post: Is Your Guest Service Team in a State of Desperation? ]

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