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Settlers in the Land associated with Love

A vintage story tells of a settler who journeyed from east in order to west, from countries that were settled in order to lands that were nevertheless unknown. Having produced weary of town living and having begun to crave wide-open spaces, he or she spent all he previously on a vast yet speculative parcel associated with land in the far-off territories. When springtime arrived, he marketed his home, collected his family, loaded his wagons, and traveled briskly westward, eager to see the property or home that was now their.

When this individual arrived, he has been struck by the lushness and beauty of the particular land, but acquired little time to consider it further, for his first task had been to build a small log cabin to house his family members. Over the course of the following several weeks he dug a well and planted a garden and fenced off a pasture for his cattle. And while he saw that the land around his home was fertile and great, he longed to learn further, to see associated with his purchase.

Finally, when the loved ones was comfortable, the cattle settled, as well as the crops planted, this individual was able to take the time to correctly survey his land. Walking miles in order to his property’s maximum point, he scaled the heights, then stood upon them and looked northern, east, south, west, squinting and forcing to see all the way to the four horizons. He or she allowed his eyes to linger on gushing springs associated with cool water, on gentle ponds crowded, overrun with fish, upon towering forests flush with game, upon open fields fresh for cultivation. He or she saw water plus timber, rock plus clay—all that a man could desire. Since his eyes excitedly took it all within, his heart rejoiced, for he knew now that his purchase had been good.

Returning to his small cabin he joyfully told his family all he had seen, even if it was just from a great elevation and from a much distance. Then he explained, “It will take a lifetime to fully discover and cultivate this home that is ours. So we will begin right here every season we will press out the fencing a little further and a little further once we make our aside across this huge land. ”

My friends, when we traded all we owned for the pearl of great price, we made no fool’s bargain. When we sold almost everything we had and bought the field laden along with hidden treasure, we completed the wisest of all transactions. All of us traded rags to get riches, the finite for the infinite, what we cannot keep designed for what we cannot lose. We traded everything to become settlers in the Promised Land associated with God’s divine enjoy.

Whether we have been in this territory for days, years, or even decades, the truth is that we have only begun to settle it, only just begun to find out its wealth, only begun to know the particular precious reaches from the love of The almighty. We have seen the initial few acres, plowed the initial few fields, enjoyed the very first small harvest. We have seen and recognized him as merciful and gracious plus abounding in steadfast love. We have skilled his compassion, their patience, his forgiveness. We have begun to learn how he will not break a bruised reed or quench a smoldering wick, how he grants new mercies with each new dawn. We have already found that while his fury is but for a flash, his favor will last for a lifetime, that while we might weep before your pet for a night, rejoicing will come with the early morning.

But even with all of this resounding within our minds, even with all this rejoicing our hearts, we must acknowledge that we get still explored a bit more than the first couple of steps. There are still vast territories of love laid out before us, nevertheless great treasures of love to discover plus unearth. We know that through the unlimited ages we will still push out the fences of our information, continue to expand the reach of our understanding.

Yet even while we must acknowledge all of us never can and never will reach the conclusion of this land, for this is unbounded and unlimited, measureless and vast. We know that within ten thousand periods ten thousand yrs, we will still be finding, still be marveling, still be rejoicing at the adore of our great God—the love that is better far than language or pen can ever tell, the particular love that goes beyond the highest celebrity and reaches to the lowest hell, the love that is rich and pure, the particular love that is constant and true, the particular love that is infinitely beyond the way of measuring any man or even angel, the love that will be our joy, our song, and our delight by means of all the endless age groups to come.


Influenced by Meet for the Master’s Use simply by F. B. Meyer.