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Complete Out of the 2021 Southwest Believers’ Convention!

Have you been attending SWBC 2021? Whether you’ll become there in person or even watching from home, we have got everything you need to make this an unforgettable experience!


It is your time and your money. It’s your
life—your health, your finances and your family. That’s what’s at stake when it
comes to your faith. This is virtually no time to play around—we come with an adversary on the
prowl, mountains to move, and victories to take.

That’s why the particular 2021 Southwest Believers’ Convention (SWBC) is usually coming—to bring life-transforming power to every Christian.

Are you a contender?

If you are, you probably curently have plans to attend SWBC 2021 in person in order to watch from home. You also already know this isn’t a concert, an ordinary meeting or a television show. It’ s six times of back-to-back speakers, including Kenneth Copeland, Terri Copeland Pearsons, Jerry Savelle, Jesse Duplantis, Creflo Dollar, Costs Winston and Keith Moore.

We have an agenda—a mission, if you will.
And we won’t give up until we finish it!

That’s what the 2021 South west Believers’ Convention is focused on: Obtaining you where you wish to go in this lifestyle. We want to help you maximize your own experience and leave with your victory available. Here is how you can get the most out of the 2021 Southwest Believers’ Convention, regardless of whether attending in person or watching at home.

1 . Become There!

If you can attend SWBC 2021 in person, become there! There’s just something about it when people of faith get together in an atmosphere billed with supernatural expectancy. If there is any way so that you can make last-minute programs to get here—it’s not too late! It’s completely free for your whole family members to attend. Come for virtually any or all of the periods.

If you aren’t able to make it personally this year, you can nevertheless show up by watching on VICTORY Approach using any of the following options:

  • DISH ® Approach 265
  • DIRECTV Channel 366
  • Well-known streaming devices, which includes Roku ® , Apple TV ® and Amazon . com Fire TV
  • On the Web at  kcm. org,   govictory. com  plus YouTube ® .

Whichever way you join us, you should be there! You can find more information and the Speaker Routine HERE.

Keep in mind, you aren’t just an attendee—you ARE Kenneth Copeland Ministries. You might be important to this ministry and work, plus it just wouldn’t function as the same without you. We consider this a special gathering of the group of faith—every generation coming together—to believe huge and receive large. We want you to take part in this with us. It’s only once a year—don’t miss it!

2 . Attend or Watch as numerous Sessions as Possible

Once you have committed to attend or watch the 2021Southwest Believers’ Convention, seek to be part of as numerous sessions as possible during the six days of training. Why is the meeting six days long? Total immersion.

In World War II, the United States had a shortage of translators. I was in desperate require of people who were fluent in German and Japanese—and we needed them fast! Therefore , the War Division created a six-week-long overall immersion program. With regard to six weeks, participants are not permitted to talk English at all. They will spoke and believed only the language they were learning. By the end from the program, they were progressive!

If you want to be fluent in the vocabulary of faith, you’ve got to do the same thing. 6 days of SWBC 2021 help you keep everything that isn’t faith away, so you can immerse yourself in a faith-filled environment. It may seem like a lot, but attending or even watching as many periods as possible (every session, if you’re able) will alter your life!

Listed here are just a few of the differences you will see in your life:

  • You’ll find you won’t speak doubt as often (if at all! ).
  • You’ll start believing for bigger and better in each and every area of your life.
  • You won’t tolerate sickness, debt or strife like you used to—not even a little!
  • You’ll have the endurance to go after the dreams you’ve kept saved, and you won’t stop until you have them inside your possession.

Isn’t that really worth a six-day expense of time?

Mark your calendar, take time off function, and attend or even watch as many classes as possible for a maximum return on your investment!

Never been to a
Southwest Believers’ Convention? Here’s a free sample!

3. Attend or Watch With a Faith Buddy

As you seek to attend as many classes of the 2021 South west Believers’ Convention as is possible, try to attend or even watch with a faith buddy (like the spouse or friend).

Can you attend or view SWBC 2021 on your own? Sure. But here’s where a faith friend comes in handy:

  • You have someone to laugh at
    Jesse Duplantis’ stories along with.
  • You might have someone sitting following
    to you who will “Amen” in all the same areas when Keith Moore is teaching.
  • You have somebody with you who
    may encourage you to believe for your healing whenever Kenneth Copeland is certainly
    ministering during Recovery School.
  • You have someone to talk with
    about how powerful Bill Winston’s teaching has been and what you think god was
    speaking to you about.
  • You have someone to hold you
    accountable within applying the concepts you’re learning.

If you’re participating in the convention personally, why not
call a buddy and see if you can possess a reunion of types in an atmosphere amped
up on faith? Should you be watching at home, why don’t you enjoy host a daily carry-in luncheon
with a group of people from church?

This is a special time for the Body of Christ—so make
this memorable!

4. Take Records

While attending SWBC ’21 sessions, you may maximize the results in your lifetime by taking notes. You might not be a great take note taker, or even one that likes taking notes, but this suggestion may have a big impact on what you get out of the convention. You see, if you write things down, it reinforces exactly what you’re hearing. It gives concepts and facts staying power in your mind, providing them with a chance to get down into your spirit. Plus, it will serve as a great reference for you once the convention is over.

Don’t worry—you have no to write down everything every single speaker says. And you also don’t have to get therefore caught up in note-taking that you miss experiencing just listening. Instead, try some of these tips to get the most out of your notes.

  • Bring something that is comfortable and easy to write in—a diary or a small notepad, for example. You can also make use of a tablet or any other device. (Just do not get distracted by texts and emails! )
  • Don’t try to take note of entire sentences. Simply summarize and take note of key phrases. Bullet points are your friend. (Like these! )
  • Go through the stories (and you will see a lot of great stories! ) or tips that stand out for you most.

When the conference is over, you can use your notes as a devotional if you like. Take a single session at a time plus work through it, taking time to meditate on the revelations from Our god that were ministered via each teaching.

five. Pray Before Every single Session

It’s easy to consider yourself as a spectator at a spectacular event like SWBC 2021—with so many amazing loudspeakers, the lights, the music and the powerful, faith-filled atmosphere. However , you happen to be every bit a participator as the speakers around the platform!

In the event that
you’re attending, you might be adding your supply of faith—and that belief has the
power to invite the presence of the Ay Spirit, start a string reaction of
miracles, shift mountains, increase the energy of the anointing, and cause a
breakthrough in your lifetime and the lives more. The same is true if you’re
watching from home.

power of the Holy Spirit is not really bound by period or distance.

So ,
when you hope before every session, you’re contributing your anointing and your
belief to what we’re all expecting to happen. Here are some ideas about how a person
can pray:

  • Pray the fact that Holy Spirit will
    descend upon the convention in a effective way.
  • Pray for the protection and anointing
    of the speakers.
  • Pray that God will reveal to you
    the initial and personalized revelation He has for you.
  • Pray that you simply won’t leave the

We invite you to be part of a powerful, corporate prayer sessions with SWBC 2021! Sign up for Pastor Terri Copeland Pearsons for Prayer Everywhere LIVE half an hour before every early morning and evening session.

undervalue the power of your prayers to change your life as well as the lives of
your own fellow believers!

Need ideas about how to hope? Find 7 Steps to Prayer That Bring Results HERE.

6. Pray Right after Every Session

You came to the 2021 Southwest Believers’ Convention, you prayed before service, so you took notes. Now, the session has ended, and you’re hungry…tacos are calling your own name! That’s understandable! But before you elope to grab lunch or a coffee, take the time to hope.

It doesn’t have to be a long prayer session—it can be as
simple as saying, “Lord, please reveal to me what You want me learn from this
time of teaching. Bring certainty where I need it. I invite You to correct me.
Help me hear Your tone of voice and heed Your own instructions. I publish my will in order to Yours.
In Jesus’ Name. Amen. ”

If it was obviously a session that really ministered to you, it may
require a longer time of deep breathing and listening to the Holy Spirit. You might
also want to spend some time in prayer over the next day or two, asking the
Lord to reveal really what He would like to say.

When you keep yourself in a spirit of prayer through the entire
week, you’ll discover you will get more out of each session and the convention as a
whole. That’s the objective, right? To see a visible change in your life when
it’s all said and done.

7. Discover Your Takeaway

When you attend or watch a celebration as powerful since the 2021 Southwest Believers’ Convention, you’re likely to walk away with at least one thing (if not really a list! ) that you can implement in your life to bring a measurable alter in your circumstances. That’s what you should be anticipating, by the way.

Whatever your life seems like now should not be the way it looks this time around next year.

So , how do you need your life to look? Think about it in advance. What are a person looking for at the meeting? Where are you wanting to see a change? Be particular. Write it lower ahead of time. Then, move expecting to find your take-away—your assignment through God.

It might be to work on your own love walk or even your giving. God may be calling you to forgive someone. He might give you a new method of your finances or show that last crucial to receiving recovery. One thing is certain: He will not remain silent when it comes to you. He loves you, and He wants you to have what you desire even more than you are doing. Open your heart to what He has to express. Be on the lookout for your private takeaway.

Learn How to Respond When God Gives Modification or Instruction HERE.

If you use these tips to help you get probably the most out of SWBC 2021, whether you’re participating in in person or viewing from your living room, you’re going to be different whenever this is over. We all don’t do these conventions and Victory Campaigns just for fun (though they are an absolute blast! ); all of us do them to find lives changed from the glory of The almighty in dramatic ways. Don’t settle for an additional year of the same struggles—come take your triumph!

as Bill Winston ministers about rebuilding the years in a previous Southwest
Believers’ Convention.

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