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The #1 Key towards the Christian Life!

This post is written by Utmost Anders is sponsored by Thomas Nelson . Max is the writer of 30 Days to Growing in Your Faith and 30 Days to Understanding the Bible.

Knowledge is not everything, but almost everything rests on understanding.

You can not believe something unless you know it.

You won’t reside it until you believe it.

You won’t impact others until you live it.

So , no, understanding isn’t everything. Yet everything rests upon knowledge.

Jesus said, “you shall know the reality, and the truth can set you free” (John 8: 32). To the degree that we do not know the truth, we have been vulnerable to ignorance plus deception. To the diploma that we do know the truth, we have been free to become all of that God has for us.

After that, in John seventeen: 17, Jesus stated, “Your word will be truth. ” As we meld those 2 verses together, we conclude that an all out pursuit of the word of God is a key to the life we all long for.

I have learned this the hard way. When I first became a Christian in university, I was told to learn my Bible, pray and go to cathedral. That counsel had been true and great. But it was like bringing a squirt gun to a forest fire. It wasn’t enough. I floundered for years.

I transferred to a Christian college, went right to seminary, and then onto my doctorate. In the process, I learned a good deal. But because I actually knew virtually nothing when I started, it had been eleven straight years of drinking from a firehose. I swallowed a lot, but much also got past me.

Along the way, one of my seminary professors said, “Most learning is self-generated, so teach the basics! Then a believer can go on to learn what else they need, based on their gifts and phoning. ”

That made a lot of sense to me, and my ministry since that time, I have been consumed along with trying to give people the basics – something I hadn’t obtained – in the hopes that it would make learning easier to them than it was for me.

After over fifty years of trial and error in the Christian life, I have compiled the things i wish someone had told me back when We first became a Christian. I have integrated much of it within my latest book, 30 Days to Growing inside your Faith. It overviews the biblical fundamentals of what a Alfredia needs to know, become, and do.

It lays away a very tight summary of a wide spectrum of invaluable reality that a believer should master to become a comprehensive Christian.

Because it is such a tight summary, it isn’t the most a Alfredia needs to know, it does not take least. It is not the end of a Christian’s learning; it is the starting. When you finish, there will still be things you don’t know, changes you have to make, and things can’t do. Yet I don’t know of an additional resource that will enable you to learn more, easier and faster than this guide.

I am convinced that it will guide and speed up your spiritual development and leapfrog a person years down the road compared to not knowing this information. And, if you are already an adult believer, it will give you an invaluable tool to help others grow in their walk with the Master.

Have the big picture! Try it out. I hope it will help a person as much as it has helped me!

Click this link to find out more about 30 Days to Growing in Your Belief .