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Weekend break A La Carte (July 24)

May our creator of peace bless you richly when you serve him and worship him this weekend.

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How come God Allow the Righteous to Suffer?

“ Struggling is universal. Whether it be a debilitating condition, the loss of income, running the land of your birth or the loss of life of a loved one; we all at some stage encounter suffering. But often we are at a loss to explain the reality or reason for suffering in our lifestyles, especially as believers of an all-loving, omnipotent God. If they are all-loving and all-powerful, why does God allow the righteous to suffer? ”

Am I Accountable for My Husband’s Intimate Sin?

Darby Strickland looks at an issue that grieves a good number of wives. “ Over the last few weeks, I possess had several discussions with wives who were feeling guilt-ridden. Each feared that failing to meet their husband’s expectations for sexual intercourse would push their particular husbands to satisfy their desires in guilty ways. This fearfulness might seem extreme, however the belief that wives are responsible for keeping their husbands from intimate sin is more typical than you might think, and so i want to draw focus on it. ”

What Inspires Sin (and Methods to Fight It)

This is a useful one about the motivation for sin and the way to fight it. “ It’s when you believe you’re missing out on some thing good that you attempt to grab things God hasn’t given you in such a way he hasn’t permitted. You think you’re losing out on something wonderful and that you need to rectify that will situation in order to possess a truly fulfilled living, when in reality, the only way to truly miss out is simply by not being obedient in the situation God has got you in right now . Even if that means there are several good things you will not have got. ”

What Should We Make of Unanswered Praying?

Justin Dillehay deals with a question we all ask at one time or another: What ought to we make of unanswered prayers?

The Priority of Prayer

“ Prayer ought to be as second nature as breathing. Whenever we’re faithfully following the Lord, the order to ‘ pray without ceasing’ needs to be at the forefront of our minds, not the rear. We need to make plea a priority. ”

The Terrifying Verse in the Holy bible

“ Let me share with you the particular scariest, most frightening verse, in all from the Bible for chapel leaders. No, not the ones about offering to the church – we don’t such as preaching those for different awkward, but not scary, reasons. But this one is genuinely frightening. ”

Flashback: Porn’s Ever-Evolving Verbs

… in its last and most advanced types, porn will still be the manifestation of rebellion against God great law. The increasing strength of the verbs simply displays the reality that sin is certainly not content, but generally longs to progress.

Those that repent of their sins mourn, when in trouble, like doves; those whose hearts are hardened make a noise, whenever in trouble, like canines. —Matthew Henry