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Have you ever Tasted Heaven?

A touching tale from long ago tells of a young boy who seem to lived in the faraway reaches of the huge Canadian prairies. His family was impoverished, and parents plus children alike had to labor day and night to prove their homestead claim. There was little time for anything above work, little cash for anything beyond the barest necessities. They lived a harsh, rugged, hand-to-mouth existence.

Each day came when that boy’s father dispatched him to town to fetch items, so he dutifully saddled up the pony and made the long journey toward the newly-founded settlement and the railway depot that was at its middle. It was there, alongside the fresh tracks that stretched from horizon to horizon, which he had a chance experience with a businessman who was traveling from eastern to west plus who came keeping a few exotic gifts—oranges he had brought from far in the southern climes.

Once the businessman saw that poor dusty youngster in his ragged clothing, he felt shame, and in an take action of generosity provided him a piece of their fruit. The son tasted that fruit and his eyes immediately brightened, his encounter immediately lit up, for he was certain he had never tasted anything so sweet, so amazing, so delicious. And from that time forward he desired visiting the property where oranges develop. He did not understand quite where that will land was, he or she did not know quite the direction it laid, but this individual was certain it existed for he had tasted its fruit—the fruit of a land far beyond his own.

This is a harsh and rugged world we live in, then one inhabited by severe and rugged people. The Bible exaggerates nothing when it says there are none that are righteous, none who have understand, none that seek after Lord. It claims only what is most patently obvious when it insists that all have converted aside, that all are becoming worthless, that all do what is evil whenever judged by the requirements of the God who have created us. Venom, curses, bitterness, damage, misery, defiance—these would be the natural deeds from the natural man. They are the deeds we see around all of us every day, the actions we ourselves are inclined to perform every day.

Amidst all the lewdness some rightly ask—does heaven really can be found? Is there actually a spot marked by sleep and peace, simply by joy and happiness, by care and love? Could generally there be a place that is so very different from our own? Could presently there be a place where we can experience the matters we hope for, the things we long for, the things we were most truly created for?

There is certainly such a place, and am can attest that it exists. I can testify that this place of excellence exists in the same way that will boy can attest that a place of a melon exists. For, like him, I have sampled of its fruits. I got received forgiveness to get egregious offenses against God and guy alike and have identified this is the fruit of another world, and certainly not this one. I have been loved by those who should by rights be my foes, and have known it has the flavor of the place far outside of this one. I have appreciated the truest plus deepest fellowship with individuals who are unlike me in almost every way, yet are as close as siblings, as dear as sisters. I have noticed the most hardened associated with men become the most gentle, the most unkind of women become kind, the most wayward of youngsters follow their Dad. This all has got the savor of a place that must be entirely unlike this one.

Lewis tells us that if we have a desire that cannot be satisfied simply by this world, the most possible explanation is that i was made for another one. Plus, much the same, if we experience joys that cannot be attributable to a world like this one, the most probable description is that they must originate from another. For because oranges do not grow in the Canadian prairies, love and peacefulness and forgiveness never naturally grow within the hearts of guys. Neither do amazing advantages, gentleness, or submission to God. Whether we find sweet grapefruits on the prairies or even true love among humans, we know they must have got originated elsewhere, they have to have been brought to this place where these people so clearly usually do not belong.

You will find tasted the fruit of a distant land and also have within me a increasing longing to taste it again, in order to taste it all the more, to leave this particular land and settle in that place of such delights, of such wonder. For even though I do not understand exactly where that location is, and though I am unable to yet reach this, I see undeniable evidence that it exists. As that young child received a taste of foreign gets, I have received the taste of heaven, a taste of the place where many transgressions have been forgiven and all relationships refurbished, where all bitterness has been replaced by sweetness, defiance simply by glad submission, agony by the truest joy.