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7 Encouragements for Concerned Leaders

Most frontrunners will have occasions associated with worry. Worry is an emotion. You can know all the principles associated with leadership and still struggle with occasional worry. I might love to offer a few encouragements for concerned leaders.

I’ ve discussed to some who state at least one day a week they are consumed with anxiety and dread. It’ s the type of frustration which, still left unchecked, makes them nearly want to quit. We talked to a pastor not long ago that was battling stomach problems (I won’ t get more visual than that), due to the worry he is dealing with as a leader.

The truth you worry teaches you are normal, human, and conscientious as being a leader. You want to be successful and the natural reaction would be to worry when you feel you may not be.

But emotions play tricks on us. They’ lso are fickle and difficult to rely on. Our desire to excel, causes our feelings to produce worry. Constant get worried can destroy an excellent leader, because it will certainly control how the chief responds to others.

Obviously, Jesus stated, “ Do not worry! ” We most likely know this reality, believe it and wish to live it. Therefore , what’ s the practical side of Jesus’ command in leadership and how do we actually live out the command?

Here’ t something you need to know – or may need reminding. Aquiring a strong faith is not any guarantee your emotions – worry – won’ t play techniques on you at times.

Most of us worry, but the way you respond when you be concerned seems to control a person as a leader?

7 encouragements for worried leaders:

Pray and Scriptures study.

You understood I’ d state this, didn’ capital t you? Worry can be, by definition, the misplaced trust. Ultimately your answer is within God’ s ability and His control, not really your own. If worry is consistently hurting your leadership, you have to fill your mind along with truth through Holy bible study and prayer is step one.

Remember your purpose.

You need to remind yourself las vegas dui attorney are doing what you performing. When worry strikes you, you need grounding to something more permanent than your own worries. You have a lifetime purpose. Likely you think in a vision. Ideally you have some objectives. You should remember what energy sources your fire plus why you are willing to take those risk of leadership. In the event that worry has gotten to the place where you’ re not sure of your purpose anymore, stop every thing and find it again. You can’ big t afford not to.

Contact an encouraging friend.

I always find some other leaders can speak truth into my entire life just when I require it most. God uses relationships to strengthen us and make us better. I have to be bold enough to text a buddy and say, “ I could use some encouragement”, but I’ ve never already been disappointed when I’ ve been that will bold. If you don’ t have someone like this in your life that’ s your assignment. The goal would be to find the person and build the relationship before you decide to need them.

Review your track record.

Most likely you’ ve had achievement which led to the position you have now. You can do it again. One reason I keep an support file is so I could read through the positive matters I’ ve done on days whenever nothing seems positive.

Count your benefits.

And name them one by one. There are always other people who would love to have what you have. Someone is always worse away than you are. Most likely, even outside the placement you have as a chief, God has fortunate your life. Spend some time remembering the good God has allowed you to experience. The list is probably lengthier than you think and will help you avoid worry as you recall exactly what God has already provided you with.

Get some rest – and hydrate.

Worry is more present when you are tired. I’ ve learned we are usually dehydrated and it can make an impact on us physically and psychologically. You may have to quit during the day so you can prepare for better days. The depth of the worry should determine the length of the period of rest. I’ ve also discovered part of being fully “ rested” also includes making sure you are as healthy as possible be by eating the right foods and working out, especially during the most frantic seasons of existence.


People who many need to rationalize dislike this one, but most of the things we worry about never come true. Is the worry based on fact or based on your own emotional assumptions? Write off the things you can’ t control, aren’ t certain should go wrong, or the unidentified. The greater you limit irrational thoughts, the less for which you’ ll have to worry.

Let me furthermore say that if you are struggling with serious anxiety – to the point of being frustrated, that’s not what I’m addressing in this post. Do not ever be afraid to get professional help.

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