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The La Carte (July 15)

Good morning. May our creator bless and keep a person today.

There is quite a substantial list of Kindle offers to look through this morning.

(Yesterday on the weblog: Making the Christian Life More Complicated Than It Needs To Be)

Christians Need More Intergenerational Friendships

I, for one, am very impressed by the intergenerational friendships the Lord has fortunate me with. “ InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, one of the largest university campus ministries in the United States, recently surveyed students upon 127 college campuses to assess students’ well-being and behaviour amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Several of the key findings show that students need a lot more intergenerational relationships. ”

Our god Doesn’t Get Sick and tired of Answering Prayer

“ I may get tired of becoming needy, but Lord doesn’t get sick and tired of providing for their children. I may obtain tired of always wondering, but God doesn’t get tired of answering his children. ”

Fake Worship and the World

“ Don’t be a ‘ person of belief. ’ It’s a meaningless statement, like saying ‘ I love food’ or ‘ I like to sleep. ’ Be a person who admits he doesn’t know what he believes, or a devout Buddhist or even Muslim. Then, a minimum of, you stand within well-defined ignorance or even false worship. ”

What’s Behind the Car rental Shortage? (Video)

It’ s i9000 strange times when professionals recommend booking accommodations car before reservation flights and/or resorts!


I truly enjoyed Heidi Tai’ s tribute with her brother.

Brothers, We Are Not really Charles Spurgeon

“ That can compare with wrong with listening to advice from and deeply respecting preachers or various other ministry leaders. Actually much can be acquired from reading about the lives of littermates who have gone prior to us. Furthermore, and perhaps more specifically, befriending local preachers plus learning from their experience and techniques may greatly increase our ability to present the truth to our own listeners. Yet, when we look for to emulate the particular temperaments, preaching designs, and personalities of those preachers, problems occur. ”

Writing As a Religious Discipline

In this article Doug Eaton aptly expresses a lot of my feelings regarding the importance of writing.

Flashback: Whenever Christians Just Do not Read the Bible

While I receive some demands about difficult situations and advanced issues of obedience, the most common by far are the easiest: Pray that I would read and pray.

I tell the glory associated with God and in complete humility that anytime I see myself prior to God and recognize even something associated with what my blessed Lord has done for me, I am ready to reduce anybody anything. —Martyn Lloyd-Jones