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RELP – Episode twenty-seven – Harsh Facts Leading Change

With this episode of The particular Ron Edmondson Management Podcast Ron and Chandler Vannoy discuss Harsh Realities Leading Change.

Leading change is a component of leadership. You can’t business lead without change, but it can be hard. As you go along of leading change – or trying to – I’ve uncovered some harsh realities.

If you are amid some “heavy-lifting” change leadership, see if a few of these apply to you. And you could not know a number of them are happening, yet likely they are a few level. Knowing them can help you face the particular harsh reality and hopefully lead much better.

As you may know, I normally host this with my child Nate, but their schedule as a pastor has kept him from being able to partner with me lately. I really hope he returns quickly. In the meantime, I’ meters loving the debate with my friend Chandler.

In this episode, we discuss harsh realities leading change.

We are hearing from many leaders who are enjoying these podcasts. We know they are simple. It really is intended to be a quick listen to a discussion between father and son – (and in this one – father and friend) who are both having difficulties to figure out leadership within our individual contexts.

As always, I hope this episode helps you be a better leader.

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