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A La Carte (July 13)

May the The almighty of love plus peace be along with you today.

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(Yesterday on the blog: Dusting When the Gentle Is Dim)

You can Fail Sometimes. Don’t Quit.

Residing the Christian life has to be an honest effort. One where we all admit that we stink at some of the items we’re supposed to be good at. One where we ask God to examine us, to show all of us our true challenges, to change us simply by His power. ”

Why “Abba” Does not always mean “Daddy”

Despite some people’ s insistence, there is no good evidence to claim that “ abba” means “ daddy. ”

Should Christians Cuss?

Denny Burk: “ For quite a while now, I have a new growing pastoral worry about Christians using foul language. This concern has been driven in no little part by recognized pastors who commend the use of foul vocabulary and who do so based on foul language that they perceive to stay scripture. ”

Back to Regular Post-COVID? Not All over the place

This article from IMB can direct your praying as you pray for your world, for it will remind us that many places are still experiencing dunes of COVID and everything the restrictions that are included with them.

Why You Should Embrace Dullness

This really is one of those things I actually do well with for a time, then go through moments of total failure.

A Hidden Beauty

Chris Thomas creates movingly of concealed beauty. “ This is actually the Australian Outback. Immortalised by European poets for over two generations, but first recorded simply by an ancient people who imprinted and imprinted its story into the extremely escarpments they lived beneath. This was my childhood home. ”

Finding Hope When You’ve Made Mistakes with Your Kids

There is hope here for moms and dads who know they’ ve made mistakes with their children (which, I expect, consists of all of us).

Flashback: The History of Nothing, No One, and Nowhere

As our culture has more and more declined the notion of the providence of God, and indeed the very existence of God, history is being told in a way that will be distinctly godless.

How can you expect to dwell with God permanently if you so neglect and forsake your pet here? —Jonathan Edwards