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A La Carte (July 9)

Grace and peacefulness to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.

Westminster Books has a really good sale on a few new and noteworthy books. They are also providing a deep low cost on an excellent brand new version of Pilgrim’ s Progress for kids.

Thanks for being patient which includes light blogging (A La Carte only) this week. I’ ll be back with the usual schedule of content articles next week.

The Contagious Bad thing of Cynicism

Cynicism is no fruit of the Spirit, as Peter Adam explains here. “ Cynicism today, because at any time, contradicts three vital signs of Christianity according to Paul: faith in Christ Christ, love for all the saints, plus hope even as we await the come back of Christ.. ”

An Inexpressible Gift

“ Inexpressible? Paul certainly spent a lot of time expressing the gospel! So what do he mean? ” Jacob Tanner considers the joy plus privilege it is to preach the gospel to others.

Moms and Dads: Show Your Need

“ ‘ There are one regret showing how I parented, ’ my friend David Towne told me. I leaned forward. David is really a godly man married to a godly wife. He’s kind and gentle and wise. As an educator, he’s witnessed a lot of parenting, good and bad, in his day time. His adult children have had their struggles but are good people. I would ask him for parenting recommendation in a second. That which was his greatest regret? ”

Far From Home

Andrea Sanborn: “ We hosted international students for years. They taught me a lot about the common need for family. They taught our kids the significance of welcoming the unfamiliar person. Our family is infinitely richer from having them share our table all those years. ”

A good Inherited Garden (A Ministry Parable)

Andrew Roycroft shares a ministry parable from their new garden.

Embracing the particular Quiet Life

Chris Thomas: “ Most people I realize don’t simply dislike the idea of a quiet life. They are terrified of the notion. Now I presume you may think—’ No way! I know heaps of people who say they’d trade everything for a quiet life. ’ Sure, I know quite a lot of people who say that too. But I believe many of them are lying down. ”

The Depressing Dead End of ‘Your Truth’

Brett McCracken: “ Your truth. Individuals two words are extremely entrenched in our lexicon today that we hardly recognize them for your incoherent nightmare that they are. ”

Flashback: Use the Rod, Lose the Child?

We know God expects us to discipline our children and we know he expects us to comply with our rulers. What exactly do we perform when those two come into conflict?

Thousands acknowledge these are sinners, who have never mourned over the fact. —A. Watts. Pink