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The La Carte (July 8)

Good morning. May the Lord bless and keep a person today.

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Why Does Hell Exist?

“ Is such punishment too extreme? Really does my selfishness or even pride really are worthy of such treatment? Just how can God be adoring and send someone to hell? ” Wayne Williams answers these types of difficult questions.

For Those with Little Faith

“ ‘ O you associated with little faith…’ What run through the Gospel of Matthew like a kind of refrain, reminding us of the disciples’ wavering trust. And perhaps of our own. 4 times, we hear this rebuke cushioned with tenderness, this particular tenderness steeled along with rebuke. ”

Providential Dullness

This is interesting to consider: “ The disciples failed to comprehend Jesus’ precise and repeated forecasts of his coming crucifixion and resurrection because, even while he or she was revealing this to them, it was getting “hidden from them” by the Lord Himself. And only the Lord can remove that incomprehension — which is exactly what Luke says happened. ”

Turn Your Eye

“ ‘ Turn your eyes upon Christ. ’ The simplest behave. To move my look. From the task. Pain. Problems. Ordinary details of every day. It’s easy. No complicated checklist required. Plus yet…”

Does Your Prayer Lifestyle Need to Change?

“ I would like to provide here a listing of different methods of plea that could help some who are struggling maintain a better prayer living. Some of us just need a few practical tips to give us ideas about how to best pray in their specific scenario of life. Here we go…”

It Is OKAY for Christians not to Be Happy At all times

“ Many of the songs all of us sing in church are happy tracks. We sing associated with Jesus being Pleasure to the World, of the wonder of Incredible Grace, and of exactly how great our Lord is. And indeed, of course , these are excellent things to sing regarding! But if that is everything we sing, we might be sending the incorrect message to those in the congregation. We might be inadvertently saying that Christian believers should be happy at all times. ”

Does God Provide Us More than We Can Handle?

He sure does…

Flashback: My Great Every day Challenge As a Christian

The truly amazing daily challenge of Christian living is the challenge of just taking hold of what exactly is mine in Christ. It is the challenge associated with presenting my whole self as a living sacrifice to The almighty

The religious disciplines are not on their own the marks of Christlikeness just as much as they are the means to this. —Donald Whitney